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Ex-Neighbours stars Madeleine West and Olympia Valance star in Aussie version of Footballers Wives

Playing For Keeps, Madeleine West + Olympia Valance

Ex-Neighbours stars Madeleine West and Olympia Valance are turning up the heat in a sexy new soccer drama, Playing For Keeps.

Former Ramsay Street regulars Madeleine West (Dee Bliss/imposter Andrea Somers) and Olympia Valance (Paige Smith) are starring in Playing For Keeps, which looks like Australia's answer to ITV's Footballers Wives.

Madeleine and Olympia both play wealthy WAGS in the sexy soccer drama, which has just started showing Down Under.

And we really hope it comes to UK telly at some point, as the cast also includes ex-Home and Away stars Isabella Giovinazzo (who was Justin Morgan's ex, Phoebe Nicholson) and Jackson Gallagher (fugitive Josh Barrett).

The action centres on the players at Southern Jets Football Club in Melbourne and their various wives and girlfriends who are all just as famous/infamous!

"When I read the script, I just knew that I had to play Tahlia," Olympia says of her character who is engaged to the football club's captain. "I was determined this character would be mine.

"Tahlia is very proper and posed, and then you see her behind closed doors and she has this full on potty mouth," Olympia said in an interview with Now To Love. "That's me!"

Since finishing filming on Neighbours at the end of last year, Olympia has spent some time investigating career opportunities in Los Angeles. But she was happy to return home to Melbourne to shoot Playing For Keeps, and hasn't ruled out a return to Ramsay Street in the future if the timing was right.

"Neighbours is, and will always be, my family," Olympia has said. "I can't put into words how grateful I am for the opportunities the show has given me."