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Netflix cancels Away, stranding five on Mars forever

From left, Martin Cummins, Mark Ivanir and Ato Essandoh in "Away" on Netflix.
From left, Martin Cummins, Mark Ivanir and Ato Essandoh in "Away" on Netflix. (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix apparently has canceled Away after one season, according to Deadline. The heralded series featured Hilary Swank as the commander of the world's first mission to Mars. 

The series, which spanned 10 episodes, focused as much on the crew's non-space life as it did anything going on in microgravity. Swank's Emma Green left behind an ailing husband and teenage daughter. Vivian Wu's Lu Wang had all of China on her shoulders, as well as a secret her government could never let come to light. And so on and so forth for the five crew members.

And while drama and conflict may make for good television, it makes for lousy astronauts. And that made the series that much less believable. There's just no way this bunch ever would have ended up in a spacecraft together for months on end. And the constant of deus ex machina reaching in didn't quite give the show any real sense of urgency. Of course they're not going to die. Probably. But they will bicker, a lot.

Regardless, it was a decent watch. But like us, Netflix decided Away wasn't up for a return trip from the Red Planet. Probably just as well.

Phil Nickinson

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