New on Netflix June 22-28: our expert picks 7 movies and shows to stream this week

A still from Netflix's Supacell
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Want to find what to watch on Netflix this week? Want to find what to skip? You're in the right place because I'm here with a round-up of what's worth streaming on the world's biggest streaming service over the next seven days.

This week, I'm looking at new Netflix Originals hitting the platform between Saturday, June 22 and Friday, June 28, and it's a surprisingly busy week for the streamer so it was hard to cut this list down.

On the final list we have competition series, Korean dramas, a star-studded rom-com, and of course true crime... everything you sign up to Netflix for!

There aren't any massive new releases but a few of the entries on this list have been teased by Netflix for a while, and so they could become the next big thing on the streamer.

So let's find you something to watch on Netflix this week...

Worst Roommate Ever season 2

  • True crime docuseries returns to screens on Wednesday, June 26

A still from an animated segment of the second episode of Worst Roommate Ever season 2.

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One of Netflix's true crime docuseries returns when the second season of Worst Roommate Ever arrives.

Each episode of Worst Roommate Ever looks at a case of a roommate who turned out to be nasty, violent or have some ill intent. We learn about what it was like living with them, and how they initially seemed normal until some weirdness came out.

The second season of Worst Roommate Ever joins the first on Wednesday, June 26.

Drawing Closer

  • Japanese drama movie releases on Thursday, June 27
Drawing Closer | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Drawing Closer | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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A popular Japanese book is getting a feature adaptation in this newest movie on Netflix.

Drawing Closer is about two young adults with terminal illnesses, who meet while the clock is ticking down on their remaining time. They have to work out whether they have enough time to fall in love or if it's all a waste of time.

You can watch Drawing Closer on Netflix from Thursday, June 27.


  • British Superhero series arrives on Thursday, June 27

The cast of Netflix's Supacell

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Fans of Misfits have another similar show to enjoy: Supacell takes a similar premise and goes in a different direction with it.

Supacell is about a group of Londoners who manage to obtain superpowers by accident, and have to learn to deal with it and become a team in order to save a woman in danger.

All episodes of Supacell hit Netflix on Thursday, June 27.

The Mole season 2

  • Reality competition show returns on Friday, June 28

An activity as part of The Mole season 2.

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Fans couldn't stop talking about The Mole when it first aired on Netflix, and now a second season is here.

In The Mole, twelve players embark on a series of challenges to earn money for one big pot. Only one of the players can actually win it, and their quest is complicated by the fact a 'mole' is trying to undermine all of their efforts.

The first five episodes of The Mole season 2 will arrive on Friday, June 28, while three more will come one week later, and the final two will come out a week after that.

A Family Affair

  • Star-powered rom-com movie lands on Friday, June 28

Nicole Kidman, Joey King and Zac Efron in Netflix's A Family Affair.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Nicole Kidman, Joey King and Zac Efron star in Netflix's new rom-com movie A Family Affair which arrives this week.

A Family Affair is about the personal assistant of a Hollywood actor, who accidentally introduces her mother to the man she's the assistant of. When her mom and boss quickly fall in love, she's caught in the middle.

At just under two hours, A Family Affair could be your next movie night watching. It hits Netflix on Friday, June 28.

Owning Manhattan

  • Real estate reality show debuts on Friday, June 28

The cast of Netflix's Owning Manhattan.

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Netflix continues its roll-out of various real estate shows based in different cities, and in Owning Manhattan, one select part of New York City is the focus.

Owning Manhattan will follow the agents of a brokerage firm as they try to secure and sell fancy houses around Manhattan, and fend off rival firms trying to do the same thing.

You'll be able to watch Owning Manhattan on Friday, June 28.

The Whirlwind

  • Korean legal drama series arrives on Friday, June 28

Kim hee-ae and Kim Mi-sook in Netflix's The Whirlwind

(Image credit: Netflix)

We're ending the week on Netflix's latest Korean drama, The Whirlwind.

This show follows the power struggle in Korea's political system as the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and President all vie for power in a corrupt system, by using legal and illegal moves to get what they want.

There are twelve episodes of The Whirlwind and they all hit Netflix at once on Friday, June 28.

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