Corrie Pat Phelan: 'Phelan and Todd can read each other like a book'

Coronation Street, Phelan
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Pat Phelan’s money-making scam is at serious risk of imploding, reveals Corrie actor Conor McIntyre…

On paper, Pat Phelan’s great property swindle looks watertight… dazzle the dumb punters with fake flat designs, take their money – and run! But the Grimshaws are causing problems, Corrie star Conor McIntyre tells Soaplife…

What’s Phelan’s reaction when Todd decides he wants to pull out? “Phelan’s extremely anxious. It would really rock the boat with Eileen, but he also knows Todd pulling out represents real dangers in terms of Vinny, who may well say he’ll kill Todd – and mean it. Pat’s very worried.”

How does Phelan try to persuade Todd to stick with them? “Phelan tries to persuade Todd on two fronts. Firstly, he hits Todd where his soft spot is - which is Eileen and Jason. He says, ‘This is about your mum getting something for herself and about Jason’s investment being at stake!’ Then he offers to pay for Billy’s charity trip to get Billy on side.”

What’s Phelan’s thinking behind this offer? “Phelan pays for the trip to try and ingratiate himself with Billy. Billy will obviously say what a great guy Pat is, but it corners Todd again. All around Todd are these points of pressure, he’s being outmanoeuvred.”

Does Todd realise what’s going on? “Todd can see it for exactly what it is. Phelan and Todd can read each other like a book.”

Just how dangerous is Vinny? “He’s very dangerous and the worries are manifold. Phelan knows what Vinny is capable of. He’s not scared of Vinny personally, but he is in the sense of the repercussions of what Vinny could do. Vinny’s a loose cannon. Phelan’s a schemer, a thinker, a manipulator… but Vinny is plain black and white. This represents a danger.”

Will Phelan become more dangerous with Vinny at his side? “Yes, because of the juggling of all the components causes the pressure to mount. Maybe we’ll see Phelan reverting back to his old violent ways whereas there have only been gentle persuasions up to now. This whole scenario could make him more dangerous because there’s more at stake.”

Is he still confident he can pull the scam off? “Phelan absolutely thinks he can do anything if it makes sense through his logic… Yes, I’d say Phelan is still confident.”