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Richard Osman reveals that cheating is 'non-stop' on Pointless Celebrities

Richard Osman Alexander Armstrong Pointless
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Celebrities have been caught cheating on the popular gameshow!

Pointless presenter Richard Osman has revealed that cheating is "non-stop" on the celebrity edition.

Appearing on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast, he spoke about Celebrity Pointless and how sometimes "dodgy" things can happen.

Richard revealed, "Oh, God. It's non-stop, most of the time."

He went on to tell listeners that one of their guests was told off for conferring, adding, "I can't remember who it was - it was like Sonia, or something.

"It might not have been Sonia so, if it's not, Sonia don’t sue - it was someone like you.

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"Xander [co-host Alexander Armstrong] said, 'Oh, sorry, I did say no conferring.’"

He joked, "And she just went, 'We're not conferring, we're just discussing the answer’.”

And another celebrity guest managed to guess a correct answer despite knowing nothing about golf.

Richard Osman Alexander Armstrong Pointless

Richard Osman with co-host Alexander Armstrong, who have been on the show since 2003. (Picture: Getty)

Richard added, "I remember someone - we had a golf question. I can't remember who it was,"

"Someone who had said, 'I know nothing at all about golf. I know nothing about golf'. So you're like: 'OK, well we're going to need something'.

"She says, 'Oh I've just thought of someone - Phil Nickelson'."

But Richard was having none of it, and had called out the guest for their sudden answer.

"And I said, 'Can I just say one thing? Firstly, if you know nothing about golf then that is an unusual answer. But, secondly, Phil Nickelson is exactly the answer that someone would give if someone else had just whispered Phil Mickelson - which is the correct answer - into their ear’.”

Richard Osman has co-hosted Pointless and Celebrity Pointless since 2003.