Riches fans are all saying the same thing as the show makes its UK debut

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Riches is finally available to stream in the UK, and fans from outside the country are already desperate for more from the new drama!

In Riches—a "glossy, high-stakes family drama" from writer-director Abby Ajayi—we become immersed in a corporate war brewing between the two factions of the uber-wealthy Richards family following the sudden death of their patriarch, Stephen Richards (Hugh Quarshie).

The series has already drawn some comparisons with the HBO series, Succession as it also sees the many family members vying for control of their family business, but Riches is distinct in being what creator Ajayi called "a love letter to Black London".

Although the series only hit ITVX on Thursday, December 22, all six episodes were of Riches were released internationally on Prime Video at the start of the month. If you're planning on giving the show a try, you'll be joining a community of very happy viewers, as there are plenty of fans who are already clamoring for more from the show.

One viewer wrote: "Wow... I really need a season 2 of #RichesOnPrime And I need it like right now! So good!!!"

Another chimed in with: "I've never finished a show so fast I need season 2".

A third added: "#Riches #RichesOnPrime... I'm already ready for season 2. Amazon Prime, get to it! This show was GOOD", and there were plenty more viewers singing the show's praises, too!

What happened in Riches episode one?

*spoilers ahead*

In the season premiere, we're introduced to the many members of the Richards family, and their father's renowned beauty business, Flair & Glory. Over two decades, Stephen Richards has built up his business to make it the market leader for black hair and beauty products. However, after attempting to reach out to Nina, one of the children from his first marriage who now lives and works in New York, Stephen suffers a stroke and passes away in the hospital, throwing everyone's lives into disarray.

Nina and her brother Simon arrive in London just in time for the reading of Stephen's will after they missed the funeral (Stephen's second wife, Claudia, had it brought forward earlier in the day). There, it is revealed that Stephen has left all his shares in the business to Nina and Simon, rather than Claudia's children.

Claudia is incensed and promises she will be coming for the business to secure the future for her children. Nina and Simon are both successful in their right and plan to sell their inheritance back to the new family. However, Nina begins to question why Stephen left her the business and later decides to keep it so she can investigate. What's next for these warring families? You'll have to tune in to find out!

All six episodes of Riches are now available to stream worldwide on Prime Video and ITVX in the UK. 

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