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Romance on the cards as THIS Home and Away couple finally kiss

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There's romance in the air in today's Home and Away as Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson finally give into temptation and share a kiss...

Today's Home and Away sees Ziggy and Dean finally share a kiss... but the romantic moment doesn't quite go as Dean hopes when Ziggy runs off.

Ziggy and Dean are on the adventure of a lifetime as they race across the outback as part of the Bush Bomb Rally, and thankfully the drama of finding Bella Nixon hiding in the boot of their car is now nothing but a recent memory.

However, as the pair spend more time together in the close confinements of their car, it seems the flirting between them is reaching fever pitch - and soon they are recreating their ill-fated kiss from a few months back.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson

Ziggy and Dean are on the adventure of a lifetime as they go car racing...  (Picture: Channel 5)

As they race against a couple called Paul and Tanya, Dean enjoys seeing Ziggy's fun, competitive side and the pair are getting on like a house on fire as they reach their campsite for the evening.

But when they pull into the spot where they'll be pitching their tents, the pair are annoyed to see that not only have Paul and Tanya beaten them to it, but they're also pitched up right next door.

Home and Away, Bella Nixon, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson

Ziggy and Dean have put the drama with Bella from the previous day behind them (Picture: Channel 5)

But soon the battle between them turns into friendship and Ziggy and Dean get to know their new neighbours around the campfire as darkness falls.

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With the rally being a charity event, Ziggy opens up about her mum's battle with cancer, before asking Paul and Tanya their reasons for wanting to join the race.

Home and Away, Paul and Tanya

Ziggy and Dean meet race rivals, Paul and Tanya (Picture: Channel 5)

Dean and Ziggy are speechless when Paul reveals he is terminally ill, and the married couple confess that this race was on Paul's bucket list.

Paul tells Dean and Ziggy that his illness has taught him to live for the moment... something that clearly strikes a cord with Dean.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson

Dean kisses Ziggy, but he doesn't quite get the reaction he was hoping for (Credit: Channel 5)

As Tanya and Paul head to bed, Dean seizes the moment and kisses Ziggy, telling her that he has been wanting to do that all day.

However, instead of kissing him back, Ziggy races off to her tent without a backwards glance, leaving Dean mortified.

Has Dean misread the signals from Ziggy and just made things awkward between the pair?

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