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Secrets and lies EXPOSED in tonight’s EastEnders with devastating consequences?

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Jean tries to prove that Suki is lying to her family in EastEnders...

Tonight's EastEnders sees Jean Slater determined to prove that Suki Panesar is lying about her terminal cancer diagnosis... but will any of Suki's family believe her?

Ever since she arrived in Walford, Suki has been trying to forge a friendship with Jean in a bid to maintain her cancer lie.

Jean is overwhelmed at her oncology appointment

Jean was overwhelmed recently when she was given the all clear by doctors (Picture: BBC)

Fans of EastEnders know that Suki has been lying to her children that she is dying of cancer in a bid to bring them all closer together, but so far her estranged daughter Ash is the only one who has doubted her mum's claims.

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Suki has managed to add detail to her lies since becoming friends with Jean by quizzing her on everything from who her doctor is at the hospital to what side effects she is getting from her cancer.

Suki Panesar BBC

Suki has been lying about being terminally ill for months (Picture: BBC)

However, ever since Daniel's death, Jean has become obsessed with taking care of Suki, even offering her Daniel's specialist bed and volunteering to go along with her new friend to her chemo appointments.

But since they held a memorial for Daniel last week, Jean's best friend Shirley Carter has become suspicious of Suki, and is convinced that she is lying about having cancer.

Jean has also noticed that some the details Suki reveals don't add up, and tonight she makes it her mission to get to the bottom of Suki's cancer lies.

Suki Panesar EastEnders BBC

The only person to doubt Suki's claims so far is Ash (Picture: BBC)

As she invites Suki to a cake sale, Jean catches her new friend out once again as she lies about her cancer.

But when Suki shows her true colours when she delivers Jean some words of warning, it seems her cancer bluff is starting to unravel around her.

In the Vic, Jean bumps into Suki who is with her family. But Jean wastes no time in pulling her up on her cancer lies and she starts accusing Suki of making up the fact she is terminally ill in front of her children.

Jean is determined to find out if Suki is lying in EastEnders

Jean confronts Suki about her cancer lies tonight (Picture: BBC)

Vinny and Jags are horrified by Jean's accusations and stand up for their mum... but it is clear that Kheerat and Ash both think Jean might have hit the nail on the head and later when they're home Kheerat calls Suki's bluff.

But will his plan work?

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