'Shetland' fans can't deal with last night's shock ending!

Shetland season 6
DC Sandy Wilson (Steven Robertson) from Shetland. (Image credit: BBC)

Shetland season 6 continued last night, and it seems like nobody saw the shock ending coming!

*Huge spoilers for Shetland episode two ahead!*

DC Sandy Wilson (played by Steven Robertson) was not in the best frame of mind last night after he was put in charge of escorting returning character Donna Killick (Fiona Bell) after her release from prison.

Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) had instructed Sandy to keep an eye on Lynda Morton. Lynda is one of the ever-growing number of people implicated in the murder of Alex Galbraith; her ex-husband was a former client of Alex, and in his notes, he accused Lynda of being associated with drug dealers. 

Jimmy believes that a member of their gang might have assassinated him to stop further investigation into the operations, and he's keeping an eye on Lynda in the hope that she might know who stole Alex's evidence from his house. 

Whilst Sandy was watching her house, he spotted Lynda leaving the house with the man she went to see in a local pub about Jimmy's visit earlier that day.

Sandy tailed the car — without calling it in or requesting assistance — to a beach and noticed the tyre tracks led out to a small island. Meanwhile, the rest of the team was chasing down leads and finding even more suspects in the case.

At the end of the episode, we saw Sandy had successfully tracked down Lynda to a remote farmhouse on that island. He arrived just as Lynda was leaving the house, and as he confronted her, the driver she was with ran Sandy over right in front of her!

Lynda then jumped in the car and the pair drove off, leaving Sandy's body out in the open with blood starting to run from a head injury. It's safe to say that plenty of Shetland fans were shocked with this ending, even though plenty of people couldn't believe how he handled his investigation.

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Will Sandy survive? Will the rest of the team find out what happened to him, and manage to track down Sandy's attacker before they escape? And will we ever find out who was responsible for the death of Alex Galbraith and Eamon Gauldie? We'll have to wait till next week to find out!

Shetland continues next Wednesday at 9 pm on BBC1. You can catch up with previous episodes on BBC iPlayer. 

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