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Shock for THIS Coronation Street legend as huge family secret is unearthed

There's drama heading for Coronation Street next week when Roy Cropper reveals he's been hiding a huge secret...

Next week's Coronation Street sees cobbles legend Roy Cropper reveal a huge secret that he has been hiding... and Brian Packham and Wayne Hayes are set to be shocked.

Ever since his mother's death, Roy has been looking into the meaning behind an inscription on a ring he found amongst her belongings.

But next week will see Roy regretting ever trying to solve the mystery when he admits to Wayne and Brian that he has made an unsettling discovery.

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor is worried about Roy

Roy has been researching the mysterious ring since his mother's death (Credit: ITV)

The drama next week begins when Wayne visits Roy at the cafe and tells him that he has been doing some more research into the ring.

But instead of Roy being happy, he is short with Wayne and tells him to drop the matter... leaving everyone confused by his sudden change of heart.

Brian and Wayne quickly realise that Roy hasn't been himself since he went to Portsmouth to follow a lead, and it soon transpires that Roy's digging has revealed that his mother had an affair.

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper asks Brian and Wayne for help

Wayne and Brian are surprised when Roy has a change of heart about investigating his mother's jewellery (Credit: ITV)

Roy is adamant that he doesn't want to discuss the matter further, but after some wise words from Cathy, he soon has a change of heart and tells his friends that he would be grateful if they would help him research his family secret further.

But Roy's in for a huge shock when Wayne comes to the cafe after doing some detective work and introduces him to Alice Parrott.

Alice reveals that Roy's mother, Sylvia, had an affair with her dad, Raymond, and hands over a bundle of love letters that were sent between the pair.

Roy and Alice

Roy is stunned when Alice reveals Sylvia had an affair with someone named Raymond (Credit: ITV)

Roy is sad to realise there was a whole side to his mother that he never saw, especially as cold-hearted Sylvia never showed him her loving side while he was growing up.

With a heavy heart Roy prepares to make a trip to Cumbria to visit Carla Connor, and while he is there he plans to scatter Sylvia's ashes.

But is this the last of the secrets from the past heading for Roy? Or are there more skeletons in his family closet?

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