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Shock DEATH twist heading for THIS Coronation Street legend

There's death drama heading for Coronation Street next week when Freda Burgess makes a return to the cobbles, apparently bringing bad news about Norris Cole...

Next week's Coronation Street sees Emily Bishop's niece, Freda Burgess, return to the cobbles, but is seems her comeback isn't necessarily going to be a happy one...

After falling for builder Jan Lozinski next week, Mary Taylor announces to Tracy McDonald that she is going to ask Norris for a divorce so that she can be with her new man.

But while poor Mary is setting herself up for heartbreak once again, she is worried when Norris fails to return any of her calls.

Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor is besotted with Jan!

Mary thinks Jan could be the man for her... but first she needs to divorce Norris!

Coronation Street fans will know that Mary and Norris's wedding back in 2017 was all a sham... but the friends have remained married since then.

But when Mary and Tracy find the front door of Number 3 Coronation Street open next week, they start to think Norris could be home from his extended break away.

However, as the pair venture inside the house to see what is going on, they're shocked to see Freda has returned to the cobbles - nine years since she was last there.

The women question where Norris could be, but Freda reveals she has come back alone after Norris asked her to put his house up for sale.

Coronation Street Tracy with Mary and Freda

Mary and Tracy are stunned to find the door of number 3 open next week in Coronation Street... and Freda inside!

Mary is cross that she hasn't heard from her estranged husband and has been kept in the dark about his plans... but later it seems there is a twist in the storyline.

While Norris's plans to sell his home on Coronation Street paves the way for the new Bailey family to move in soon, it appears there could be some confusion surrounding the sale of the house thanks to Freda.

After seeing Mary and Tracy, Freda is seen getting an urn of ashes out and placing a framed photo of Norris next to it. But will this odd combination lead to people thinking the Weatherfield legend is dead and that's why she is seeing the house?

While Freda sparks worry on the cobbles, Norris fans can relax as it has been announced that he will be returning to the soap shorty.

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Coronation Street has revealed pictures of Malcolm Hebden reprising his role as busy body Norris on the soap, confirming that he will be back on our screens soon.

With Mary thinking the worst about Norris after his lack of contact, it seems she is set for a shock when he comes back alive and kicking... but what other secrets is he set to bring home with him?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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