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Shock hospital drama in today's Neighbours leaves THIS family torn apart

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Aaron is left terrified when he gets a call to say husband David has been rushed to hospital...

There's plenty of drama heading for today's Neighbours when Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka's pool party comes to a sudden end when David is rushed to hospital.

Neighbours fans will have seen Leo Tanaka continue on his downward spiral in Friday's (19th April) episode, attempting to forget his heartbreak over Piper and Terese by drowning his sorrows at the Ramsay Street Easter pool party.

But when news reached him that things were getting out of hand over at the Backpackers, he shirked his responsibilities and left it to brother David to head down to the hostel and intervene.

Neighbours, David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka

David has been helping his brother through his heartbreak...

However, poor David ended up being knocked out cold when he was hit with a misdirected punch at the end of last week's episodes, and today's Neighbours sees him rushed to hospital for his injuries.

Aaron is stunned when he gets the call to say his husband is unconscious in hospital and races there to see him... but thankfully David's okay and has injuries look far worse than they feel.

However, that's not the end of the drama. When Paul finds out things got out of hand at the Backpackers, the business he runs with son Leo, he heads down there to find out what is happening.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson

Paul isn't happy with Leo when he finds out about David being in hospital...

While Leo covers, pretending that it was someone random who got hit and not his own brother, Paul leaves, happy that everything is under control.

But Aaron can't handle the fact that David is protecting his brother and won't tell Paul the truth, so he eventually blurts out that David was the one who ended up in hospital unconscious, and Paul is seething.

David is cross for Aaron telling Paul the truth and is worried that this latest drama with Leo will drive a wedge between his brother and their dad more than ever.

Neighbours, Leo Tanaka

Leo's in Paul's bad books today after the bust-up at the Backpackers...

And it seems David is right to worry, because Paul is soon on a mission to find Leo, and things soon get ugly.

As Paul serves his son some shocking home truths, could this mean their relationship is broken beyond repair?

Watch Neighbours today at the slightly different times of 12.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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