‘Silent Witness’ fans left with a whirlwind of emotions after latest INTENSE episode

Silent Witness episode 3 and 4
Silent Witness had fans on the edge of their seats last night. (Image credit: BBC)

Silent Witness spoilers below! 

Silent Witness Season 24 viewers were overwhelmed with emotion after another brutal and enthralling episode last night (Tuesday 14 September), which saw Laura Jenning’s (Lolly Jones) killer finally unmasked. But, with some major twists and turns along the way.

As Nikki (Emilia Fox), Jack (David Caves), Adam (Jason Wong) and DI Meredith (Caroline Sheen), worked to unravel the horrifying mystery, they not only uncovered dark secrets, but also discovered that there’s much more to the situation than they first thought.

With two bodies discovered underneath the decking of suspect Tim Garrick’s abandoned home (the last location where Laura had been), they believed that they were the bodies of Joanna Garrick and Tim Garrick. However, they soon found out the grisly truth that the bodies aren’t who they thought they were.

As more intense investigative work went on, they saw a young man on a scooter apparently following Laura outside of Tim Garrick’s house. The young man was Simon, who works at the nursing home and was brought in for questioning. He soon revealed that he wasn’t following Laura, but that he was following a man, who turned out to be Tim Garrick and he was the one he was filming at the swimming pool.

Silent Witness DI Meredith Hughes (CAROLINE SHEEN), Jack Hodgson [DAVID CAVES]

Fans found last night's Silent Witness one of the most intense episodes of the series so far.  (Image credit: BBC)

Since Laura went to school with Tim, she recognised him at the pool where she was a swimming instructor and became suspicious of his identity.

It turned out that Simon was trying to find Molly’s (Ann Mitchell) family, an elderly lady who he became close with at the nursing home, who claimed that her son Michael and his wife Sally had moved to Australia.

Simon found Molly’s grandchildren, Dylan and Toby, at the swimming pool with the mystery man, Tim Garrick and things soon took a dark turn. 

Soon, the team discovered that the Trasks knew the Garricks through an adoption course. But the Garrick’s got rejected, due to Joanna still grieving after her last failed attempt at IVF and their concerns about her medical history. Tim was also rejected due to coercive control.

Silent Witness Ryan Kelvin (OWEN MCDONNELL), Jack Hodgson [DAVID CAVES]

Fans were left on the edge of their seats after both Monday and Tuesday's episodes.  (Image credit: BBC)

More shocking evidence was found as the money from the sale of the Garricks’ house was transferred to an account in the name of Michael Trask, which unveiled a sinister revelation - the Garricks had stolen the identities of the Trask’s after they murdered them and then stole their children. They then buried their bodies in the garden.

This frightening case was what led to Laura’s death, as she knew who Tim really was and he killed her for it.

The turbulent episode led fans to express their strong thoughts and emotions on Twitter…

The next episode sees Nikki, Jack, and Adam investigating the murder of a surgeon in a hospital, but the DNA evidence points to a patient who was under anesthetic when the killing happened. In the meantime, Adam’s friendship with the hospital director brings problems for his impartiality. 

Silent Witness Season 24 continues Monday 20 September on BBC1 at 9pm- see our TV Guide for full listings.

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