Silent Witness fans panic their 'TVs are broken' after Jack and Nikki's bizarre date

Silent Witness, Emilia Fox
Silent Witness' favourites Nikki and Jack went on a date... but fans weren't convinced! (Image credit: BBC)

Silent Witness is finally giving Jack and Nikki a chance at love, but fans were definitely left confused after one scene in Monday night's episode.

Recently, fans have seen Jack Hodgson (David Caves) and Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) getting closer in Silent Witness season 25, and in a previous episode, we saw the duo spend the night together.

With things heating up between the pair, they went on another date to the delight of fans, but some viewers were a bit baffled by how the scene unfolded as they went out for dinner together.

Jack and Nikki went for a 'dining in the dark' experience which was probably fun for the characters, but not so much for fans at home who got to see the scene from their point of view, with their screens also going black for the duration of the date.

With the scene so far removed from some of the intimate bar scenes we've seen for the budding couple, fans weren't impressed with the decision for the pair to go out and have dinner in the dark, as it didn't have the same effect for those watching.

The decision even worried some TV fans, who thought their screens may have been broken or there was a broadcast issue, so it hasn't gone down very well...

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Meanwhile, fans are concerned about Sam Ryan's (Amanda Burton) true intentions as she's returned to the series, especially after she betrayed Nikki's ex and suspect Tom Faulkner (Matthew Gravelle) despite claiming she was "on his side".

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for Silent Witness fans as Nikki opening up about her past and her former relationship with Tom added a whole new layer to the character, and now more than ever long-term fans of the show just want the forensic pathologist to be happy.

Meanwhile, others are concerned about Jack Hodgson's health after multiple headache complaints, so there's a lot going on even before we have Sam Ryan to contend with.

Even Amanda has teased her character might not be able to be trusted, saying in a statement: "Audiences can look forward to plenty of twists and turns as they discover what Sam’s been doing since leaving the Lyell."

Silent Witness continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesday, May 31. Episodes are also available on demand via BBC iPlayer.

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