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Six future Emmerdale storylines REVEALED

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There are some hot plots headed our way…

With snogging and scrapping off the Emmerdale agenda, due to social-distancing rules on set, you may think that the coming weeks in the Dales will be a bit dry on the drama front.

But fear not, for bosses have told us that some juicy plots are on the way – and they’ve given us a few teasers of what’s in store…

1. Moira’s brush with death in Emmerdale brings her and Cain closer together…

Cain Dingle, Moira Dingle

Bridges will be built between the couple - could it lead to a reunion?

It was always going to take something colossal to happen to convince Cain to take Moira (opens in new tab) back following her affair with Nate. Could her near-death experience be the catalyst that finally brings the couple together?

No-one was more panic-stricken than Cain when Moira was recently mowed down (opens in new tab). This week, the moody mechanic even declares his love as he wills her to pull through.

As Moira is discharged from hospital in upcoming scenes, we’re promised that Cain will never be far from her side. He instinctively wants to support her, and takes charge when she makes an unsettling discovery about business partner Rhona…

“Cain has still got massive feelings for Moira,” says actor Jeff Hordley. “If she’d died, he’d have been devastated.”

Unbeknown to Cain, Moira has heard his declaration of love at Hotten General, and knows there’s something worth fighting for. But a reunion can’t happen unless Cain can forgive and forget her infidelity.

“At the moment, he’s finding it really hard to get over what she did,” says Jeff. “Every time he looks at Nate, he just sees what happened between him and Moira.”

Adds Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira: “The accident draws her and Cain closer, but what the outcome will be, I don’t know. They’ve got a lot to get over…”

2. Charity tries to track down Vanessa’s ex, Kirin

Shock for Charity in Emmerdale

Charity is on a mission to locate Kirin Kotecha, the father of fiance Vanessa's child, Johnny

As Vanessa remains absent from the village (actress Michelle Hardwick (opens in new tab) has taken a break from the soap as she expects her first baby), Charity remains committed to doing all she can to support her absent partner.

She knows that Vanessa wants her to firm up their family unit by having her adopt her young son Johnny. But she can’t proceed with her application without permission from the lad’s biological father, Kirin Kotecha, who disappeared from the village four years ago after killing Tess Harris in a drunken hit and run.

Everything rests on Priya. She’s Charity’s only link to Kirin, having once been married to the lad’s father, Rakesh. With Priya insisting that she’s in the dark about Kirin’s whereabouts, Charity urges the businesswoman to get in touch with Kirin’s sister.

Priya agrees to reach out, but reports back that she has met a dead end, leaving Charity frustrated. But does Priya know more than she is letting on? Teases our Emmerdale mole: “Charity and her family are soon given reason to believe that all is not as it seems…”

Could Priya be covering for her former stepson? And if so, can Charity persuade her to open up about where he’s hiding out, for the sake of her fiancé?

3. Harriet’s forced to face the music in Emmerdale as her affair with Malone is exposed

Harriet and Malone have an encounter in Emmerdale

Harriet's shennanigans with DI Malone will inevitably become public knowledge

Harriet’s two worlds literally collide when fiancé Will and secret lover Malone have a tear up in the garage, which leaves one of them lying lifeless on the floor.

Emmerdale bosses won’t reveal which man comes a cropper or whether the victim is a goner. But one thing is for sure – more drama is to come, for Harriet’s affair with Malone will be inevitably exposed to the village, leaving the bad boy-loving Vicar in turmoil.

“Harriet is terrified about what’s going to happen when it all comes out,” says Katherine Dow-Blyton, who plays her. “She has been berating Will for lying to her, and yet she’s been doing exactly the same.”

“Her friends and parishioners will be rightly disappointed, because she has had an affair and it’s with a bent copper. She’s battling enough already, because they took a while to accept her and Will.”

Assuming Will is still around following his fracas with Malone, Harriet’s actions will leave him devastated. Crooked Malone made his life hell – of all the men she could betray him with!

But Will’s daughter, Dawn, will also be reeling, having viewed Harriet as a surrogate mum.

Will Harriet lose the family unit she has always longed for?

4. Jamie is trapped by Andrea

Jamie and Andrea Emmerdale ITV

Andrea has husband Jamie right where she wants him...

Andrea blackmails Jamie over his hit and run; threatening to tell the police that he was responsible for Moira’s accident if he dares leave her for Belle. As the vet stays by her side, she hopes that he has seen the error of his ways and is committed to making a go of their marriage.

But the heart wants what it wants, and Belle remains the object of Jamie’s desires. Andrea’s not daft, and it can’t be too long before she susses out the truth. Question is, will she stay true to her word?

“Andrea is trying to remind Jamie of the good times,” says Anna Nightingale, who plays the desperate wedding planner.

“She has these tick boxes in her head – ‘If I can just make him miss something, anything, about me, it will be enough.’”

Jamie knows that he risks a long spell in the slammer if he follows his heart, while Andrea is aware that she wouldn’t just be destroying Belle’s dreams by exposing the truth - her and Jamie’s daughter, Millie, would be without her daddy.

Teases Anna: “Would Andrea blindly go to the authorities, deciding that she’d rather Millie be without her father than Jamie be with Belle?”

5. There’s trouble in story for Tracy

Charity. Vanessa and Tracy in Emmerdale ITV

With sister Vanessa away from the village, will Tracy be forced to turn to Charity for help?

Tracy has had a turbulent few months; rocked by the news of sister Vanessa’s bowel cancer diagnosis. And, according to our Emmerdale sources, the bubbly blonde – who’s dating former village lothario, Nate - will have more to contend with as a big new storyline comes her way.

We don’t know if the plot will bring happiness or heartache for the fan favourite, but given this is soapland, it’s far more likely to be the former. Will Tracy and Nate be brought closer together, or will the drama drive them apart?

6. There’s hope for Victoria and Luke

We thought it was all over between the pair - but is romance about to be reignited?

We thought it was all over between the pair - but is romance about to be reignited?

When Victoria slept with Luke back in March, it seemed that after weeks of ‘Will they, won’t they?’ the two chefs had finally become a couple. But Victoria was plagued by memories of her rape at the hands of his brother Lee, and admitted that their night together confirmed what she had suspected - she wasn’t ready for a relationship.

As the pair are brought back into each other’s orbits this Summer, it becomes clear that they still have an undeniable chemistry. Will they be tempted to try again?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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