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Sling TV offering a month free for new customers

Sling TV on Apple TV
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Sling TV today announced that it's offering up a free month of service for new customers who sign up for a month of Sing Orange or Sling Blue (or both), or the Best of Spanish TV plan.

That breaks down to a minimum of a $30 deal for any of those plans, which will serve up more than 50 live channels across any number of platforms.

Sling Orange and Sling Blue are the two base plans of the Sling service. They have some channels that overlap the two plans, and many that don't, so it's not uncommon for subscribers to have both.

Sling's plans build out from there with any number of add-on services, with additional entertainment channels, sports channels, news channels, premium movie offerings, and more. Those add-on extras also vary depending whether you have the Orange or Blue plan (or both), so there's a lot of homework to be done to make sure you have the channels you want. And you'll want to keep an eye on the total bill as you're building things out.

But this is still as close to a la carte as you can get in the streaming world, and Sling is handing out a free month to new subscribers, which is a good thing.

Sling also is reminding folks that they can grab a free AirTV Mini streaming dongle that works great along with an AirTV Anywhere or AirTV 2 over-the-air tuner, which allows you to connect an OTA antenna and have those free local channels appear alongside all your streaming channels in the Sling app.