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Soap fans spot THIS TV star looking UNRECOGNISABLE in last night’s EastEnders

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EastEnders fans were shocked to see a Teletubby in Walford last night!

With high speed car chases and Hollywood-worthy crash stunts in last night EastEnders, you could be forgiven for missing the moment a Teletubby appeared in the soap.

And to make it all the more tricky to recognise actress Pui Fan Lee, who appeared in EastEnders as the doctor delivering little Ollie Carter's autism diagnosis, she looked completely different to how we are used to seeing her on our TV screens.

Dr Fremantle EastEnders

Dr Fremantle is played by actress Pui Fan Lee who also plays Po from the Teletubbies (Picture: BBC)

Dr Fremantle was played by CBeebies presenter Pui, who also just happens to be the actress who plays Po from the Teletubbies - meaning there's a high chance you have watched her on TV more times than you care to remember without realising it.

But while most of us didn't twig that the actress was someone so familiar to us, some eagle-eyed fans made the connection and took to Twitter to share their discovery...

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Dr Fremantle arrived on our screens as Ollie underwent his long-awaited autism diagnosis at the hospital.

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His parents, Mick and Linda Carter have been on tenterhooks recently as they have waited for the appointment to arrive... with Mick now suffering from crippling anxiety and Linda hitting the bottle to numb the pain.

Mick Carter has questions for the doctor about son Ollie Carter in EastEnders

Eagle-eyed fans spotted that Dr Fremantle was familiar... (Picture: BBC)

But the day had arrived for Ollie to be assessed, and Dr Fremantle was the one who delivered the confirmation that Ollie was in fact on the autistic spectrum.

Despite already having their suspicions that Ollie was autistic, Mick and Linda took their time digesting the life-changing news, and this latest twist for the Carters will see a new storyline unfolding for the family.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.