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Reality TV star Spencer Matthews screams in agony after terrifying crash in The Jump!

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Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews has horror crash in The Jump and dislocates his shoulder

Spencer Matthews is the latest celebrity to fall victim to injury on The Jump.

The Made In Chelsea star, who previously boasted about his skiing skills, has been involved in a terrifying crash on the slopes.

Spencer was caught on camera swerving to avoid a fellow skier during rehearsals, only to end up flying across the snow and smashing into a barrier.

spencer matthews

Spencer went flying as he swerved to avoid another skier

Spencer could be heard screaming as he crashed into the ground, and quickly realised he had dislocated his shoulder.

“My shoulder popped clean out. It’s gone back in though,” Spencer said.

The reality TV star admitted he was glad to have crashed into the fence as otherwise he would have fallen onto another ski slope, reports The Mirror.

He added: “Those nets work. I always look at the red nets and I’m like they’re mental they’re never going to stop anyone…

“If that wasn’t there I’d be in the snow cross course.”

And out of the competition. As it is, he’s still skiing.

spencer matthews

Spencer dislocated his shoulder but medics popped it straight back in place!

It's not the first time injury has struck one of the show's stars this year.

Irish model Vogue Williams was forced to withdraw before the show began after she badly injured her knee during a training incident.

Racing cyclist Bradley Wiggins was then forced to leave the show after he broke his leg during the third week of the series.

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