Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk teases his next big project

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk inspects a piece of Dalgona Candy on the set of Squid Game.
Hwang Dong-hyuk (center) has revealed what he's been working on since the release of Squid Game. (Image credit: Noh Juhan/Netflix)

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk has revealed more information about his next project.

Fans of the acclaimed Netflix drama might be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Squid Game season 2, but according to Variety Hwang Dong-hyuk has been working on a movie inspired by the book Killing Old People Club by Italian writer and intellectual, Umberto Eco.

Hwang said he's already written a 25-page treatment for the movie — which has the working title K.O. Club — and he has teased it will surely be 'another controversial film' and 'more violent than Squid Game'. He even teased he might have to hide away from old people once the film is released!

Hwang Dong-hyuk also revealed that he's returning home to South Korea to start working on the next season of Squid Game. 

However, that second series likely won't be on our screens for a little while yet, as the director said he hopes to have Squid Game season 2 ready by the end of 2024. 

At the very least, you can take comfort in the fact that there's likely to be plenty more on the way from one of the best Netflix series even after the second series arrives. Netflix co-CEO and chief content officer Ted Sarandos teased that Squid Game could be getting third and fourth seasons at the start of the year, saying: "The Squid Game universe has just begun."

Jung Ho-yeon in Squid Game

More than 142 million households watched Squid Game in the first four weeks it was streaming on Netflix.  (Image credit: Netflix)

It's not difficult to see why the streaming giant is backing Hwang Dong-hyuk's work, either. Squid Game continued to smash viewing records for Netflix after it was released. 

More than 142 million households tuned in to the thrilling series in its first four weeks on the platform, and the series still holds the global record for the most-viewed show in a single week (571.76 million hours watched globally). This is significantly more than Bridgerton season 2's new record for the most-viewed English Language series in a single week (251.74 million hours).

Squid Game is available to stream right now exclusively on Netflix. If you were one of the millions who binged Squid Game last year and you want to check out some more Korean shows, head over to our guide detailing all the best Korean dramas on Netflix.

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