Bridgerton season 2 smashes a new Netflix viewership record

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Another week, another Netflix viewership record broken by Bridgerton season 2. After the popular period piece broke the Netflix record for most-watched English-language TV title in a premiere weekend, Bridgerton’s first full week on the streaming service set another high bar, laying stake to the record as the most-viewed English-language TV series in a single week with 251.74 million hours viewed between March 28 and April 3. The numbers come from Netflix’s own Top 10 resource.

Combined with Bridgerton season 2’s premiere week viewing hours of 193 million, the show’s second season has already been viewed for 444.74 million hours. It certainly looks to be on pace to top Bridgerton season 1’s record of hours viewed in a show’s first 28 days (625.5 million). 

The success of Bridgerton season 2 has also led to Bridgerton season 1 being watched more, as the first season, which premiered in December 2020, ranked second in most hours viewed (53 million) for the week, up from third the previous week.

Bridgerton season 2 took the most-watched English-language TV show in a single week record from Inventing Anna, which previously set the bar at 195.97 million hours viewed. If Bridgerton continues on this trend, it will likely overtake Inventing Anna as the most popular English-language Netflix show so far in 2022 (Inventing Anna currently has been viewed for 623.55 million hours).

It should be noted however, that these records Bridgerton season 2 is setting are just for English-language TV shows on Netflix. Squid Game, which was a global sensation in 2021, still holds the record for most-viewed show in a single week with 571.76 million hours viewed globally.

Bridgerton, which is based on a popular book series set in the Regency-era of England, follows the wealthy Bridgerton family as they deal with things like love, lust and betrayal. Season 2 focuses on Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) as he sets out to find a suitable wife, soon becoming determined to win the heart of Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley).

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