STARZ is offering up three months of premium shows for just $5 a month!


American Gods . Outlander . The Girlfriend Experience . Plus more originals and first-rate movies than you could possibly have time to watch. That's just the tip of the iceberg on STARZ, which has just brought back a promotion that's basically too good to pass up.

The important part? You'll get three months of STARZ for just $5 a month . (And that's after a free seven-day trial, of course.)

Here's the fine print: Well, there is no fine print, really. That's all you'll pay for the first three months — just $15 total. You'll get the same four-device scheme as everyone else, the same HD format, and the same stable of excellent movies. All for just $5 a month. (Did we mention that it's just $5 a month for the first three months? Because it is.

And STARZ is available on pretty much anything and everything you'd want to watch it on. Web browsers. Android. iOS. Chromecast. Apple TV. Android TV. Roku. Take your pick, and there's a pretty good chance you'll be up and running with STARZ in just a few minutes. You can sign up standalone, if that's how you roll, or even bill things through Hulu, your cable provider, iTunes or Google Play.

So, yeah. No excuses for this one. It's the price of a cup of coffee for a month's worth of incredible shows. Get to watching!

Get your free STARZ trial today!