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Suranne Jones reveals THIS is what job she would be doing if her acting career hadn't taken off

Suranne Jones Coronation Street
(Image credit: Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

The former Coronation Street star had a plan B...

Suranne Jones has revealed that she's always had a backup plan if her career hadn't worked out after Coronation Street.

She played Karen McDonald for four years, but revealed she didn't want to be on the cobbles forever.

Suranne appeared on the Give Me Strength with Alice Liveing podcast to discuss her decision to leave on Coronation Street.

Suranne Jones

Suranne has revealed if she wasn't an actress she would have been a teacher (Picture: Getty) (Image credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

She said, "I never wanted to be in a soap forever.

"I felt I could go and teach, because I'd been teaching before, so I felt if I didn't make it I would then go and teach rather than go and repeat myself back at Coronation Street. And I would live a life that suited those means.

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"I really believed in that."

Despite her decision to leave, Suranne added that she had the "best" time working on the soap.

She particularly loved working with Simon Gregson, who played on-screen husband Steve McDonald.

Suranne added, "Karen went a bit posh at one point and started working in a furniture factory, and had an affair. That coincided with me going to the gym.

"Eventually, I just felt like I wanted to get out, I felt like my storylines were repeating.

Suranne Jones Coronation Street

Suranne Jones and Simon Gregson in Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

"I loved working with Simon Gregson and he's so brilliant and so wonderful with comedy.

She added, "I learnt so much on Coronation Street and I did have the best time, so I don't want to darken my memories because I met some wonderful people there, and they're still my friends now."

However, she hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of a one-off return.

She previously told The Sun, "If it was for a good cause and we were going to raise a lot of money, I’d definitely consider it for Comic Relief."

Coronation Street’s now airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm.