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SURPRISE new Rovers Return landlord ‘revealed’ in Aidan Connor twist

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There will be new names above the door of the Rovers

Johnny Connor will buy the Rovers Return because it's the last place he saw his son Aidan Connor alive, it’s been reported - poor Gemma won't be getting a look in.

Johnny, who’s been desperately struggling with grief since Aidan’s death, will become the new landlord of the Rovers as Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby sell the famous Weatherfield drinking hole.

Rovers Return in sunshine in Coronation Street

It’s all, apparently, part of a grand plan to make the Connors as big a family as the Barlows on the Street.

A Corrie source told The Sun: "Coronation Street bosses are really trying to big up the Connors as the new family on the block, and want them to be as big as the Barlows.

“There are big plans for them in terms of storylines, and first up is taking over the pub.

“It was the last place he saw Aidan before he went home to kill himself, so when he hears it’s up for grabs he swoops in and takes control.”

Being behind the bar of the Rovers has always been an iconic spot on the soap – check out the show’s first 50 barmaids.

The Connors have recently been part of a string of big plots and it will continue next week as Carla flirts with Peter and suggests that they could do with some evidence to prove that Susie would be better off with Johnny.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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