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Shock romance for THESE two unlikely Walford residents in tonight’s EastEnders

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There's love in this air when Stuart Highway asks Rainie Branning out on a date in tonight's EastEnders... but will it be a success?

Tonight's EastEnders sees Rainie Branning agree to go on a date with Stuart Highway, but with Rainie still struggling following her vicious attack recently, will their evening together run smoothly?

EastEnders fans have seen Rainie and Stuart growing closer over recent weeks, with Stuart even admitting recently that he has feelings for his new friend. And with Stuart rescuing her while she was on the run with baby Abi, it seems Rainie is also seeing Mr Highway in a new light.

With Rainie hiding out with the Beales as she battles with Max over Abi, she is still in a bad way after being attacked and is taking painkillers to help with her injuries.

EastEnders Stuart Highway is worried about Rainie Branning

Stuart asks Rainie on a date in tonight's EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

But being a former addict, Stuart can see that Rainie is becoming too dependant on the tablets and is determined to stop her getting hooked.

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Tomorrow night's EastEnders sees Stuart on cloud nine as Rainie agrees to a date, and he sets about booking somewhere for the pair of them to go.

EastEnders Stuart and Rainie are on a date

Stuart takes Rainie on a date - but he's worried about her (Picture: BBC)

But when he asks Billy Mitchell for advice on where to take Rainie, he realises it is going to be tricker than he first thought to find somewhere suitable.

Unable to shake the feeling that Rainie needs help, Stuart does what any friend would do and takes her along to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, explaining that he is worried about her.

But his move doesn't sit well with Rainie and she is fuming that they have ended up at a meeting instead of on a date.

EastEnders Stuart takes Rainie to an NA meeting

Stuart takes Rainie to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting instead of on a date... (Picture: BBC)

Back at home, Rainie snaps at Stuart and the pair fall out... is this the end of the romance before it has even begun?

Or will Rainie realise that Stuart is just looking out for her?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.