T-Mobile subscribers can now save $10 a month on YouTube TV for 1 year

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Starting today, April 6, T-Mobile subscribers can save $10 off a subscription to YouTube TV, thanks to a new partnership between the mobile provider and Google. So instead of paying $64.99 a month, a subscription to the second-largest live TV streaming platform in the United States will cost $54.99 a month.'

Instructions for how to get all this done are available at t-mobile.com/tvision. That will point you either to your T-Mobile account, or direct you to call for help. (We might recommend the latter because at this point we've yet to see any actual mechanism for signing up.)

There also is some fine print to be aware of, however. And that's mainly this:

  • The $10 off is available through July 30, 2021. So sign up before then if you're going to sign up at all.
  • If you're already subscribed to YouTube TV, you'll have to cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe via an SMS that T-Mobile sends you.
  • After a year of this lower rate, T-Mobile can force you to start paying your YouTube subscription fee as part of your T-Mobile bill, instead of through your Google account.
  • Per the fine print on YouTube TV itself, the rate goes back up to $64.99 after 12 months. (Unless there's been a rate increase by then, in which case you'll pay whatever that new price is.)

And that's that. The question you'll have to ask yourself is whether jumping through those hoops — and then remembering that you'll only get the discount for a year — is worth $10 a month to you.

If it is? Good luck! If not? Just keep on watching YouTube TV as you've done before. 

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