'Teen First Dates' fans crushed for 'poor' Ilyas after being rejected by date

'Teen First Dates' star Ilyas won the nation's hearts. (Image credit: C4)

Teen First Dates season 2 viewers were left heartbroken for 18-year-old biology student Ilyas after he was rejected by his date Georgia, even though he thought their date went well.

A dapper Ilyas showed up to the First Dates restaurant in a suit with chocolates in tow, which he gave to Georgia when she showed up. Soon enough, the pair bonded over their love of the natural world and Ilyas wooed his date by speaking French, which she was highly impressed by as that was one of the qualities she liked in a man.

"What I’m really longing for here is a romantic relationship," Ilyas revealed privately to the cameras. "I have so much to offer. I can cook. I know a good few recipes, such as paella. That’s a good one. And risotto as well," he continued.

As the youngsters got to know each other over dinner, they found a common ground in adoring classical music — although she didn’t sound keen when she discovered his passion for insects and about his pet tarantulas. 

"I mean, I don’t like creepy crawlies," she admitted, before going to the bathroom and calling her friend to tell her how the date was going.

Ilyas and Georgia on their date

(Image credit: C4)

"I’m on my date," Georgia said.

"Then why are you calling me?" her pal asked.

"Because it’s not great,” she confessed, "He’s nice, but he’s not…There’s no attraction. I think he likes me, but I don’t know how much I like him."

When her friend spoke up about the issue, Georgia piped up with: "No, I know. I know I’m judging too quickly. But he’s like…he likes in...” but she was interrupted when she saw Ilyas walk into the bathroom too, and instantly stopped what she was about to say.

After the awkward encounter, she left the bathroom, meanwhile Ilyas was busy on the phone showering Georgia with praise, saying that he had heard her giggling while calling her friend and it seemed like a good sign that the date was going well.

Ilyas only had good words to share about Georgia, saying: "I’d like to say she was lovely. That’s what I can say. On seeing her smile, it was like a ray of sunshine." But, when it was time for the pair to admit if they wanted to see each other again, unfortunately Georgia said "no", while Ilyas said "yes".

She apologised for declining the offer, and admitted that it was the aspect of the creepy crawlies that she wasn’t too into.

"I mean, everything about you was amazing," Ilyas gushed, but he did admit that he was surprised because he thought the date had gone well and that it’s a shame people are afraid of insects.

Fans at home were gutted for the budding entomologist, and gave him many words of support after the rejection… 

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Teen First Dates series 2 airs every Wednesday on E4 at 9pm.

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