The Family Chantel's Chantel calls out the 'lies' on her own show

Chantel Everett from The Family Chantel
Chantel Everett from The Family Chantel (Image credit: TLC)

We’re only two episodes into the new season of The Family Chantel and Chantel herself is already venting about what she deems as "lies" on the show. While there is nothing unique about a reality star airing out their frustrations about the way they’re portrayed on television, there is something particularly interesting about who Chantel blames for the misrepresentation of her character. Unlike most stars who blame editing and production for any falsehoods being broadcasted to the world, Chantel is calling out her own husband Pedro Jimeno

It all started back in the season 4 premiere, when Pedro made subtle remarks about how he essentially felt Chantel wasn’t pulling her weight with the housework. He assumed after she finished nursing school, she would do a little more to pitch in, but he felt he was still doing the bulk of the work, if not all of it. 

Then in the latest episode of The Family Chantel, while on a video call with his mother, Pedro says of his wife, "She never cleans, never organizes, never does anything. I’m always the one cleaning the entire house. She also doesn’t have time to buy groceries."

If those comments didn’t make viewers and Chantel raise their eyebrows when they heard them, then Pedro’s statement in his confessional sure did. He went on to elaborate on Chantel claiming, "She can be a little selfish, because she only thinks everything’s about her." Pedro caps this sentiment off by referencing how he sees neighbors cleaning and organizing their homes as spouses, but he has been left to do the work by himself. 

Well after watching all of this, Chantel took to social media to contradict what she thought were falsehoods her husband was spewing. In a couple of Instagram stories, she placed video clips of the most recent episode of The Family Chantel and captioned them with phrases like "these are lies"  and "more lies."  

Chantel Everett's Instagram story

Chantel responding to Pedro's comments on Instagram (Image credit: Chantel Everett's Instagram story)

The reality star followed this up with two more posts in her story. The first post read, "Outside doing yard work blowing leaves around like I’m somebody’s servant…….." The second one was simply, "And….I mounted the tv 😅."

Taking things a step further, the 90 Day Fiancé alum shared the following post on Instagram showing her apparent contributions to the household in terms of organizing and cleaning. The short video was not so coincidentally paired with the song "Cleanin’ Out My Closet" by Eminem.  

While we can’t report if the husband and wife are currently together or not, we certainly hope that the television show doesn’t come in between their real-life marriage. We actually think they look great together, current issues aside. 

Fans react to Pedro calling out Chantel on her lack of work around the house 

Judging by some tweets, there appears to be some mixed reaction to Pedro's claims about his wife. See for yourself. 

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Be sure to catch new episodes of The Family Chantel on Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on TLC.  

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