'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' premieres March 26 on Disney Plus

One of the best sports franchises in the world isn't the New York Yankees. It's not Manchester United or Liverpool. It's not Juventus or the Dallas Cowboys or the L.A. Lakers.

It's the Mighty Ducks. And on March 26, the Ducks return on Disney+ in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

The series picks up nearly 30 years after the original. The new original series stars Lauren Graham, with Emilio Estevez reprising his iconic role as coach Gordon Bombay.

The 10-episode season will be set in present-day Minnesota. The Ducks aren't scrappy underdogs anymore — they've become an ultra-competitive powerhouse of a youth hockey team. But then 12-year-old Evan Morrow (Brady Noon) is cut from the team, and he and his mom set out to form a new team to take on the evil empire. That's where Bombay comes in. He's got a little experience with this sort of thing.

In addition to Noon, The Might Ducks: Game Changers stars Maxwell Simkins, Swayam Bhatia, Luke Islam, Kiefer O’Reilly, Taegen Burns, Bella Higginbotham, and DJ Watts. Estevez also serves as an executive producer, and Graham is a co-executive producer.

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Disney+ also is part of the excellent bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+ for just $12.99 a month. (That price will be going up in March, too.) That essentially gets you all three services for the price of two.

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Phil Nickinson

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