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THIS EastEnders character has left the Square FOR GOOD and no one's even noticed!

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It has been confirmed that Katie Jarvis, who plays Hayley Slater, will not be returning to EastEnders following her low-key exit in February...

EastEnders fans have been left stunned after it was revealed that actress Katie Jarvis won't be returning to the soap as Hayley Slater.

The last time we saw Hayley was back in February when she was being admitted to a psychiatric hospital following several suicide attempts.

Hayley finally admitted that she needed professional help not long after she had given birth to baby Cherry, the daughter she shares with Alfie Moon.

Hayley Slater in EastEnders

Hayley Slater has left Walford for good...

But while Cherry is currently being looked after by Kat and the rest of the Slater clan, it doesn't look like the little one is going to be reunited with her mum any time soon.

Fans have been speculating for weeks whether EastEnders writers have forgotten that Hayley existed... especially when her exit scenes in February all seemed a bit rushed.

But an EastEnders source has reportedly confirmed to Digital Spy that these were Hayley's final scenes and there are no current plans to bring the character back any time soon.

During her time on the soap, Hayley was involved in some of the biggest storylines EastEnders saw last year.

Not only was she seen struggling with her own mental health and battling addiction, all hell broke loose when it was revealed that she was pregnant with Kat's estranged husband, Alfie Moon's, baby.

Hayley was at the centre of the huge EastEnders Christmas storyline when she pushed Alfie down the stairs and believed she had killed him.

Hayley and Alfie in EastEnders

Alfie and Hayley didn't see eye-to-eye when it came to Cherry...

With both Hayley and Alfie absent from EastEnders, it looks like little Cherry is staying put with the Slaters for the time being.

However, it has been hinted that the door has been left open for Hayley, so surely her daughter being in Walford would be enough of a reason for the character to make a comeback one day?

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