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THIS EastEnders favourite is left HOMELESS tonight, but why?

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Tonight's EastEnders sees Mo Harris thrown out of the Slaters and into the cold... but why is she facing a night on the streets?

EastEnders Mo Harris has been walking on thin ice for weeks, with the Slaters all fed up with her useless money-making schemes.

But tonight's trip to Walford sees Mo betray her family once again, and this time it is the final straw for Kat and Stacey.

After Kush Kazemi struggles to find new stock for his clothes stall on the market tonight, he asks Mo if she might want to go halves on a good deal he has seen.

Stacey throws Mo out in EastEnders

Stacey has had enough of Mo and throws her out...

But instead of taking Kush up on his offer, Mo sees pound signs and goes behind his back, getting her hands on the stock he wanted to sell and starts trying to flog it around the Square.

But of course she needs money to get her hands on stock like that and decides to 'borrow' some of Kat's money that belongs to the Mitchells... leaving Kat and Stacey fuming when they find out.

With Jean still missing and facing a cancer diagnosis, the last thing that the Slaters need now is Mo up to her old tricks.

Stacey and Kat are livid that Mo isn't helping her family in a time of crisis and selling dodgy knock-off stock instead of helping to find Jean, and unable to cope with her constant game-playing Stacey throws her out on the streets.

Will Tiffany be sent packing from Walford for posting a shock picture?

Tiffany finds herself in trouble tonight...

But where will Mo go now that the Slaters have thrown her out? Is she facing a night on the streets?

Also in tonight's EastEnders, Tiffany swears to Whitney that she wasn't the one who supplied Keegan with drugs, but will her lies come back to haunt her?

Karen is on the warpath when she finds out Mitch knew Keegan had been taking drugs, and Rainie gets closer to Stuart as a way to keep an eye on him... but is she playing with fire?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes