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THIS EastEnders LEGEND has had a MAKEOVER - and fans love it!

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Tonight's EastEnders saw Karen Taylor get a make over at the salon...

Tonight's EastEnders saw the Walford wife swap get under way, and no one was happier about their new pairing than Karen Taylor.

Thanks to Gray Atkins tampering with the results at The Vic earlier this week, Karen and Gray were matched, leaving poor Chantelle Atkins paired up with her own dad.

Karen gets a makeover in EastEnders

Karen was loving being Gray's 'wife' for the day... little does she know what he is really like (Picture: BBC)

But while things were frosty between Gray and Chantelle, Karen was loving life in Chantelle and Gray's huge house with the fancy TV... and when Gray spoiled her with a treatment at the salon, she thought all her Christmases had come at once.

If only she knew what he was really like behind closed doors.

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As Gray handed over a wad of cash so that Karen could be pampered, everyone was impressed apart from Chantelle.

Karen gets a makeover in EastEnders

Fans were loving Karen's new look (Picture: BBC)

And Karen was loving every moment of being a lady of leisure, especially when Lola offered to restyle her hair for her.

Later on Karen showed off her new crimped hair, but she wasn't the only one pleased with her make over, fans also couldn't get enough of her new look...

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Karen cemented herself as the most hilarious character in EastEnders with her brilliant innuendoes and perfect comedy timing tonight... but it wasn't all fun and games in Walford.

Across the Square Mick was welcoming Ruby into her new home for the day as he and Max Branning swapped wives for the pub wife swap... but before Ruby could even unpack, Mick got the news that Linda was secretly in court and he raced to see her.

EastEnders Linda Carter defends herself against the police

Linda was in court today for her drink driving hearing (Picture: BBC)

He was floored as he heard her plead guilty to drink driving and all hell broke loose when they got home and a huge argument broke out.

But while Ruby offered Mick some words of wisdom that made him reassess his fight with Linda, little did he know that while he was leaving a heart-felt voicemail for her, she was passed out drunk on the sofa at Max's.

Just how many more secrets and lies can their marriage take?

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