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This hilarious legend from The Office is guest starring in Casualty!

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The man who made David Brent redundant is now in Casualty!

The Office’s Patrick Baladi is guest starring in Saturday’s Casualty as an injured pilot.

The 48-year-old actor is best known for playing David Brent’s nemesis in the hit comedy, Neil Godwin, who famously made Ricky Gervais's character redundant.

And now Patrick is appearing in Casualty as pill-popping pilot Liam Barnett. Liam is admitted to the ED after a string of unfortunate events, which are all basically his fault!

Patrick Baladi in Casualty as pilot Liam

From The Office to Casualty... Patrick as injured pilot Liam Barnett (Image credit: BBC)

First Liam tries to take off without clearance, then he gets chased by the police and tasered. Liam then manages to whack his head on the runaway, so he’s rushed off to hospital.

It also turns out that Liam has a mysterious link to Marty – but what is it? And will Liam recover from his bash on the head?

This isn’t actually the star’s first appearance in Casualty – he also enjoyed parts in a 2001 episode and a 2010 episode of the long-running BBC show.

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Patrick Baladi

Patrick Baladi has been in Casualty before! He's other credits include Line of Duty and Marcella (picture: EMPICS Entertainment) (Image credit: EMPICS Entertainment)

Patrick shot to fame in The Office, where he gave Gervais’s legendary character a deservedly hard time.

Perhaps his most memorable scene in the comedy came when Neil got dressed up as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever for a charity dance – the look on David Brent’s face is priceless as Neil dances away!

Recalling his days in The Office, Patrick one told the Daily Mail that Ricky would “deliberately make the cast laugh so much that we would have to do up to 40 retakes”.

Since The Office, Patrick has enjoyed a string of other TV roles, including parts in Party Animals, Mistresses and Line of Duty.

Catch Patrick Baladi in Casualty this Saturday on BBC1 at 9.20pm.