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THIS Neighbours family torn apart after a SICKENING bombshell changes EVERYTHING


There's yet more drama heading for the Greyson family in Neighbours...

Today's Neighbours sees Hendrix Greyson trying to make amends for his behaviour last week that saw him steal a private photo of step-mum Chloe.

But while dad Pierce is moved by his promise to become a changed man and put things right, Chloe has been slightly less ready to forgive and forget, and called Hendrix's mum Lisa to come and sort her son out in Ramsay Street.

Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson

Hendrix was in the bad books after stealing a private photo from Chloe (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

But as a horrified Hendrix and Pierce get ready for Lisa's grand arrival today, Hendrix apologises once again to Chloe for stealing her private property and the family appear to be getting back on track.

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However, that is all set to change when Lisa arrives in Erinsborough.

At first Lisa's visit is seemingly uneventful... not only does she get on well with Chloe, but she also forgives Pierce for not telling her their son was staying with the Kennedys instead of with him.

Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Chloe catches Hendrix trying to put the photo back and all hell breaks loose (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

And Hendrix also seems to be sticking to his promise to change, not only spending some quality time with his mum, but also making amends with everyone on the street, even Harlow Robinson!

However, as predicted by Hendrix and Pierce, there is more to Lisa's visit than meets the eye and soon she is confessing to Pierce that she wants to tell Hendrix the truth about his secret past.

Neighbours fans will know that Pierce was very young when he first became dad to Hendrix, and Lisa took the reins and told him she didn't need him in her or Hendrix's life.

Neighbours, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Hendrix and Pierce are stunned when Chloe reveals she invited Lisa to come and stay (Picture: Channel 5)

But later she decided she wanted another baby, and so the pair had IVF to have Hendrix's sister, Alanna, and Lisa paid Pierce for his services.

But while it's not Pierce's fault that he didn't have a chance to get to know his kids, having been shut out by Lisa, the bombshell understandably doesn't go down well with Hendrix when he finds out that his parents have been lying to him his entire life.

Neighbours, Lisa Rowsthorn, Pierce Greyson

Lisa has got a bombshell for her son that will change his life forever (Picture: Channel 5)

Will the shocking bombshell that he and his sister were more like business transactions than part of a loving family unit send the teenager off the rails once again?

Or will the fact he is trying to change mean that Hendrix processes the news in a different way to how he would usually?

One thing is for sure, life in the Greyson household will never be the same again...

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5