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What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Monday 12th November

Liam Bakes - Liam Charles on his new series
(Image credit: Love Productions)

TV Times top picks for today

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Monday 12th November

Liam Bakes, 8pm, C4

Liam Charles gets back into the kitchen to share some of his favourite recipes with us, with the rule being: there are no rules. Inspired by his Jamaican heritage, films, TV and comics, Liam wants to make baking fun and believes everyone can do it, even if you’ve only ever boiled an egg before. In the first episode, cola cream and cherry filled eclairs, cupcakes and a four-layer party cake – featuring peanut butter sponge, chocolate brownies, salted caramel buttercream and chocolate chip cookies – are on the menu, and even Liam’s mate Weyland gets in on the act. Makes us want to loosen our belts just thinking about it. Rating: *****

WW1’s Secret Shame: Shell Shock, 9pm, BBC2

Dan Snow investigates the psychological impact of war from World War One to the present day in this highly emotive film. It’s been 100 years since shell shock was first recognised, and, in this documentary, Dan asks why we are still failing to deal with the trauma of war. He speaks to soldiers whose lives have been ruined by the horrors they have witnessed, and hears how little help they’ve had to deal with it. Along the way, Dan meets 98-year-old Victor Gregg, who fought in World War Two and was a prisoner of war in Dresden when the city was obliterated by Allied bombs. We learn how war destroyed the man he was, which is a story that is unfortunately still far too common today. Rating: *****

House of Games, 6pm, BBC2

Richard Osman returns with his weekday quiz show in which four celebs compete against each other in a series of mind-boggling games, with one of them crowned champion on Friday. Competing this week are newsreader Katie Derham, JLS singer JB Gill, comedian Richard Herring and Countdown’s Rachel Riley. Rating: ****

More previews tomorrow.