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What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Tuesday 6th November

School BBC2 series Tuesday 6th November
(Image credit: BBC)

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Tuesday 6th November

School, 9pm (times vary), BBC2

This six-part series, which goes behind the scenes at three Gloucestershire schools, paints a worrying picture of how budget cuts are impacting education – from poor maintenance of buildings and equipment to pay cuts and reductions in pastoral care staff. Meanwhile, behavioural problems and anxiety appear to be on the rise. What’s not in doubt is the dedication of the teachers, so thank goodness there are also some uplifting scenes, including one teacher’s tearful goodbye to his class, and head Angie Browne having a potentially life-changing chat with a black girl who feels she doesn’t fit in at a mostly white school. Rating: ****

Saluting Dad’s Army, 8pm, GOLD

“Don’t panic!” As well as a string of catchphrases, Dad’s Army gave us 80 episodes of a comedy series that can still, uniquely and remarkably, command a place in the primetime schedules 50 years after its 1968 debut. Alexander Armstrong gives us chapter and verse on the show’s creation in a four-part series that mixes archive behind-the-scenes footage and laugh-out-loud clips with reminiscences from those involved. Rating: ****

Lego Masters, 8pm, C4

Eight amateur Lego-building duos enter the Build Room as this sweet but competitive series returns for a second five-part run, presented by Melvin Odoom. The teams are made up of a delightful mix of friends, parents and children, brothers, an uncle and nephew and a husband and wife, of all ages and experience. The first challenge is to build a bridge, which will be judged not just on whether it can take the weight of Melvin’s remote control monster truck but on its wow factor and ‘personality’. The second challenge is for each pair to design and build one floor of a skyscraper. Comedian Rob Beckett pops in to serve as this week’s guest judge – with one pair being sent home…Rating: ****

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