Top 10 Best Fake Accents in Movies

A natural accent - or at least, a fake natural accent - is essential in any film. Our guest writer Sabrina Dougall tells us her all-time favourite artificial accents in cinema.

1.  Lindsay Lohan (Hallie Parker/Annie James) – The Parent Trap

Simultaneously a British and an American twin, in this timeless light-hearted comedy - bravo Li-Lo!

2.  Gary Oldman (Shelly Runyon) – The Contender

Originally from New Cross, London, Oldman manages a smart American accent in this political thriller.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow (Viola de Lesseps) – Shakespeare in Love

The stateside blonde beauty won an Academy Award with her sparkling British accent in John Madden’s romantic drama.

4. Toni Collette (Sheryl Hoover) – Little Miss Sunshine

Despite originating from Sydney, Australia, Collette received $1 million for her role in The Sixth Sense after displaying a flawless American accent. She most definitely pulls it off again in this unforgettable comedy drama - worth every penny, if you ask us.

5. Kate Beckinsale (Charlotte) – Last Days of Disco

Another sneakily accurate American accent – did you know she’s actually British?! Her Hollywood good looks had us fooled.

6. Nicole Kidman (Silvia Broome) – The Interpreter

A polished South African accent – tricky – but well executed by our Aussie girl as she juggles French and British dialects in the starring role of Sydney Pollack’s mystery thriller.

7. Renee Zellwegger (Bridget Jones) – Bridget Jones’s Diary

Born in Texas to a Swiss father and a Norwegian mother, we totally bought her believable British accent as the self-deprecating everygirl in this feel-good romcom.

8. Cate Blanchett (Sheba Hart) – Notes on a Scandal

Ranked no. 31 as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history by Empire Magazine (2007), Blanchett delivers a laid-back, yet carefully precise English accent in Richard Eyre’s masterpiece. We could never have guessed that she was really born in Melbourne, Australia!

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Velma Kelly) – Chicago

Simply a delight for the ears! We can easily forget about that tiny voice in the back of our heads that reminds us the multi-talented megastar was born in rural Wales.

10. Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) – Borat!

Despite speaking a mixture of Hebrew, Russian and a variety of faux Middle Eastern dialects in this hilarious mockumentary, the Jewish husband of Isla Fisher manages an eye-wateringly funny, if utterly ridiculous 'Kazakstani' accent throughout this movie. Can you think of any more? Let us know, and leave a comment below. Discuss your favourites on our Movie Talk Facebook page, or Tweet us!

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