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TV tonight: our highlights for Sunday 11th October

TV tonight Us
(Image credit: BBC/Drama Republic/Lucia Faraig Ferrando)

Us is just one of the gems on today...

What next for the Petersens in the final Us, Sir Michael Palin recalls more Travels of a Lifetime, and Channel 5 remembers Diana: The Interview That Shocked the World. Here’s what you shouldn’t be missing on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime, 8pm, BBC2

TV tonight Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime

Sir Michael recalls more travel adventures

Monty Python legend Sir Michael Palin recalls his fascinating five-and-a-half-month journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, through the USSR and Africa, in the 1991 series Pole to Pole. Standout high-drama moments include a haunting detour to Chernobyl and an armed-guard escort through war-torn Sudan. But light relief is only ever moments away, whether it’s hanging out with Brits-abroad, tourists in Egypt, or having the world at his bottom (as opposed to his feet) on an outdoor loo in the Antarctic! Truly moving, contemplative and joyful. The Pole to Pole series is available to watch on iPlayer. 

★★★★★ ER

Us, 9pm, BBC1

TV tonight Us

Will it all end for Connie and Douglas in Barcelona?

It’s make or break for Douglas and Connie in tonight’s finale. But before they decide whether to stay together or go their separate ways, Douglas and Albie have some frank, emotional conversations and become closer. So much closer in fact that Douglas goes raving with Albie in Barcelona and sees a whole new side to his son! Disaster strikes the next day, however, when Douglas collapses… Connie flies out to be by her husband’s side and, afraid of losing everything, Douglas makes an impassioned plea for their future…

★★★★ ER

Diana: The Interview That Shocked the World, 9pm, Channel 5

In an era when the lives of the royals are presented to us as a form of drama in Netflix’s The Crown, seeing one of them say something candid doesn’t seem unusual. But in 1995, when Martin Bashir interviewed Princess Diana and it was broadcast in prime time, it caused shockwaves. More than 22 million of us watched open-mouthed as Diana, wearing a lot more eyeliner than usual, said things like, ‘Well, there were three of us in this marriage…’ This documentary looks at how the interview was shrouded in secrecy because Diana was convinced the Palace would find a way to stop it, and the covert operation that followed to smuggle in the TV crew… 

★★ JP

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Rev, seasons one to three, BritBox

TV tonight Rev

Tom Hollander is the Rev

Us star Tom Hollander is equally engaging in this smartly written comedy as Anglican priest Adam Smallbone, who moves from a small rural parish to one in inner-city London. Olivia Colman co-stars as Adam’s solicitor wife, Alex.

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Overlord, Netflix

Kicking off as a rip-roaring World War Two men-on-a-mission yarn, this becomes a full-on zombie horror. American good guys Jovan Adepo (Fences) and Wyatt Russell (son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) attempt to help besieged French villagers by taking on the evils of the Third Reich. But they are unprepared for what the Nazis have been cooking up in the nearby castle, leading to a confrontation with the undead. It’s a pacy, good-looking ride, even if it is ultimately a gloriously OTT B-movie. 

Live sport

  • UEFA Nations League Football: Rep of Ireland v Wales 1.30pm (k-o 2pm), Sky Sports Football/NOW TV
  • UEFA Nations League Football: England v Belgium 4.30pm (k-o 5pm), Sky Sports Football/NOW TV
  • UEFA Nations League Football: Northern Ireland v Austria 7.30pm (k-o 7.45pm), Sky Sports Football/NOW TV
  • UEFA Nations League Football: Scotland v Slovakia 7.30pm (k-o 7.45pm), Sky Sports Main Event/NOW TV

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

Don't miss Us on TV tonight – will it be the ending you want?

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Happy viewing!