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TV Tonight: our highlights for Sunday, Nov. 7

Christopher Eccleston and Connie Nielsen star in this six-part psychological drama.
Christopher Eccleston and Connie Nielsen star in this six-part psychological drama. (Image credit: C4)

On TV tonight, a great cast star in new drama Close to Me on C4, Gary Lineker hosts a new quiz show called Sitting on a Fortune on ITV and Doctor Who: Flux continues on BBC1. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight.

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What's on TV tonight

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Close to Me, 9pm, C4

TV Tonight Connie Nielsen stars.

Connie Nielsen stars. (Image credit: C4)

Connie Nielsen leads an impressive cast in this tense psychological thriller about a woman who comes round after a fall and finds a year has disappeared from her memory. Luckily her devoted husband Rob (Christopher Eccleston) is there to nurse her back to health, but she soon gets the feeling that her friends and family are hiding something. Despite a few clunky moments, it’s an original story that keeps you hooked over the course of six episodes, while offering a female perspective on interesting themes, not least the connection between memory and identity. 

★★★★ SMA 

Sitting on a Fortune, 7pm, ITV

TV tonight Gary Lineker hosts.

Gary Lineker hosts. (Image credit: ITV)

There’s no time to recline in ITV’s new chair-based quiz show. From the off, six contestants vie for the perfect position in a row of seats. Get stuck at the back and they could be sent off early doors. But answer the winning question in the front seat and they’re in line to win up to £100,000 at the final whistle. Host Gary Lineker makes for a fun gaffer, and also provides TV writers with an excellent excuse to keepie up with football puns. Think you’ve seen every type of quiz show? You have now. Disclaimer: SOAF is not actually football-focused. 

★★★★ ER

Doctor Who: Flux, 6.15pm, BBC1

TV tonight The Sontarans are back

The Sontarans are back. (Image credit: BBC)

Now that the Doctor’s latest adventure is up and running, we find ourselves asking lots of questions. Such as: what is the Temple of Atropos? And who are the Mouri? As it happens, the Doctor herself (Jodie Whittaker) would find the answers particularly useful but it looks like she’ll have to wait a while before she gets them. In the meantime, she comes face to face with an old enemy this week as the Doctor discovers that the British Army is locked in battle against militaristic aliens the Sontarans in the Crimean War, which is definitely not how we remember it from the history books… 

★★★★ SMA

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Showtrial, season 1, BBC iPlayer

TV tonight Tracy Ifeachor and Celine Buckens as Cleo and Talitha

Tracy Ifeachor and Celine Buckens as Cleo and Talitha. (Image credit: BBC)

If you’ve missed this thrilling legal drama that’s currently showing on Sunday nights on BBC1 (and that's brought to us by the same people who made Line of Duty), then catch the whole five episodes on BBC iPlayer now. The drama follows the investigation into the disappearance of a Bristol student and the arrest and trial of a fellow student, Talitha Campbell, charged with conspiring to murder her. Celine Buckens impresses as the latter, a troubled posh girl whose behaviour threatens to alienate the duty solicitor, Cleo Roberts (Tracy Ifeachor), assigned to defend her. A fascinating look at how attitudes towards class and gender can impact the legal process. 

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 9pm, GREAT! Movies

TV tonight Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I.

Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I. (Image credit: Great! Movies)

Cate Blanchett was Oscar nominated for her second portrayal of the English monarch in this sequel to 1998’s Elizabeth. The Tudor queen faces a plot at home by Mary Queen of Scots (Samantha Morton) and an invasion from abroad by Spain’s Philip II. It’s a stylish epic with plush costumes, sets and props, plus a tense sea battle as Raleigh tackles the Spanish Armada. 

Live Sport

  • The FA Cup, Sheffield Wednesday v Plymouth Argyle, 11.30am (k-o 12.15pm), ITV
  • Women's International Rugby Union, England v New Zealand, 2.20pm (k-o 2.45pm) BBC2
  • The FA Cup, St Albans City v Forest Green Rovers, 5pm (k-o 5.15pm), BBC2
  • Premier League, Arsenal v Watford, 2pm (k-o 2pm), Sky Sports Main Event/NOW
  • Premier League, West Ham United v Liverpool, 4pm (k-o 4.30pm), Sky Sports Main Event/NOW
  • Formula 1: Mexican Grand Prix, 6.55pm, Sky Sports Main Event/NOW

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight…

Don't miss Close to Me on TV tonight – an emotional and tense drama with a great cast. 

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Happy viewing!