TV tonight: our highlights for Saturday 25th April

TV tonight Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

Casualty is just one of the gems on today…

There's a familiar face admitted to the ED in Casualty this week, The Nolans are All Round to Mrs Brown's in the last of the series, and Princess Anne is the subject of Channel 5 documentary The Daughter Who Should be Queen. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

All Round to Mrs Brown's, 9.15pm, BBC1

TV tonight All Round to Mrs Brown's

Tonight’s guests include The Nolans, Rob Rinder and Jonathan Ross

Agnes always seems to have her hands full on the domestic front, but that’s especially the case in tonight’s final episode. Her kids’ spouses seem to have figured out that Mrs Brown’s boys are manipulating them into doing all the housework. Maybe guest star Judge Robert Rinder’s legal expertise can prevent three marriages from breaking down. Or, failing that, perhaps he can give them a job lot on a trio of divorces? Either way, Mrs B is going to enjoy sharing some homebrew with Rob’s own mammy, Angie, and finding out more about her celebrity son. Also on the show is Jonathan Ross, who will be answering questions rather than asking them, and singing the series out are The Nolans and Fleur East.

★★★★ ER

Casualty, 7.25pm, BBC1

TV tonight Casualty

Fenisha drops two bombshells

When paramedics bring in a drunk man after he was found injured and unconscious in a park, Connie and Jacob try to keep it under wraps. Why would they do that? Well, because the patient in question is grief-stricken Charlie Fairhead! His pals want to help, but despairing Charlie has other ideas. Elsewhere, loved-up Will and Fenisha plan to visit Will’s parents in Ireland. This, of course, can only mean one thing – that their relationship is about to be rocked. And tonight Fenisha drops not one but two baby bombshells – she’s pregnant and Will is not the dad… Could it be that Ethan, who has the hereditary condition Huntington’s disease, is the father of Fenisha’s unborn baby? 

★★★★ ER

Princess Anne: The Daughter Who Should be Queen, 9.15pm, Channel 5

TV tonight Princess Anne: The Daughter Wo Should be Queen

Princess Anne and the Queen in 1969

It has been decreed of late that Saturday night is royal night, first on C4 and now on Channel 5. This documentary looks at the life of Princess Anne, in particular where she stands in the line of succession within the royal family, which is at odds with her being the Queen’s second oldest child.

★★★ JP

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Feel Good, one series, All4

TV tonight Feel Good

Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie star

Canadian comic Mae Martin’s semi-autobiographical comedy series deals with serious issues – drug addiction, recovery and a toxic relationship with her mother, played by Friends’ Lisa Kudrow. But at its heart, it’s a love story between Mae and her new girlfriend George (Ghosts’ Charlotte Ritchie), plus it’s wonderfully witty. 

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Star Trek Beyond, 9.15pm, C4

TV tonight Star Trek Beyond

Captain Kirk, with Jaylah and Chekov

The second sequel in the latest reboot of the classic sci-fi series (and the 13th movie in all) recaptures something that was mostly missing in its predecessors: fun. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Dr McCoy ‘Bones’ (Karl Urban) and the others entertain and amuse, all while confronting the dastardly Krall (an unrecognisable Idris Elba).

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

Don't miss Casualty on TV tonight, it's heartbreaking.

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