Unforgotten fans predict devastating twist for Jessie

Unforgotten season 5 star Sinead Keenan as DCI Jessie James
Is Jessie about to be betrayed by someone close to her? (Image credit: ITV )

Unforgotten hasn't seen an easy start for newcomer DCI Jessie James (Sinéad Keenan), and fans are worried she's about to be dealt a devastating blow.

During the first few episodes of Unforgotten season 5, we've seen Jessie struggling to fit in at work. Her colleagues are still grieving the loss of Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker), and Jessie's recent behavior hasn't exactly put her in anyone's good books.

She's annoyed new partner Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) in particular, who has been going ahead with the case without her, and making decisions behind her back. Their working relationship is already frosty, but fans are worried a dark secret will soon be revealed.

In the first episode, we learned that Jessie's husband Steve (Andrew Lancel) was having an affair, and he decided to come clean just minutes before she started her new job. However, he refused to tell her who it was with, and is now completely ghosting Jessie.

News of the affair is already distracting Jessie from her work, but fans think they've worked out that Steve has been having an affair with her sister Debbie (Gráinne Keenan, real-life sister of Sinéad).

All signs seem to be pointing to her, as Debbie has been acting weird lately, and after Jessie tried to meet up for a heart-to-heart, plans were suddenly cancelled. With Jessie unable to sit down with her sister, fans are getting suspicious.

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Unforgotten hasn't revealed the identity of Steve's mystery woman just yet, but fans are absolutely convinced that he's sneaking off with Debbie, which will definitely crush Jessie. 

Elsewhere, the pressure is on to find out who killed Precious Falade, who was found stuffed in a bricked-up chimney flute. The investigators also found out she was a drug addict, and are now racing to find out who would want her dead and why.

Right now, the key suspect in Precious' murder is her mother Ebele Falade (Martina Laird), due to the fact she acted suspiciously when the news of her daughter's death was delivered.

The team also learned that Ebele was also an addict who had a difficult relationship with her daughter and is prone to violence, and this has led them to suspect her. But did she kill her own daughter?

Unforgotten continues on ITV1 at 9 pm on Monday, March 20. Episodes are also available on ITVX.

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