'Vigil' fans praise unexpected hero in the final episode

TV tonight Suranne Jones as DCI Amy Silva.
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The anxiety-inducing final episode of Vigil finally revealed the true intentions of undercover Russian spy Lt. Matthew Doward (Lorne MacFadyen) and gave DCI Amy Silva (Suranne Jones), along with the other crew, a treacherous run for their lives. However, viewers were particularly taken by a certain unexpected person who turned from villain to hero, but with heartbreaking consequences.

We continued right where we left off from the previous episode, where a calm and composed Matthew Doward is filling Amy’s torpedo tube with water in a desperate attempt to drown her and fire her into the depths of the ocean. But, he’s soon stopped by Lt. Commander Mark Prentice (Adam James), who drains the torpedo tube, but is oblivious to the fact that Amy is trapped inside it.

A terrified and despairing Amy begins to bang on the torpedo tube using Morse Code. Her call is heard by one of the crew, along with Mark who goes to investigate the sound. But, Amy's attempts to be rescued are soon jeopardized as Matthew clocks on to what is happening and continues to sabotage the submarine by opening the ballast hull valve, which begins flooding the submarine with tonnes of water. 

Amy’s life begins to hang in the balance, as she recounts memories with her ex-partner DS Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) and her daughter, Poppy, and she soon falls unconscious. 

Miraculously, she’s saved by none other than Mark, the once snarky key suspect to Craig Burke’s (Martin Compston) murder at the start of the series, who drags her out of the torpedo tube to safety. 

However, Matthew has already found the pair, and with a knife in tow, he’s determined to do anything to ensure Amy and Mark don’t escape. A vicious brawl soon occurs between Matthew and Mark, as Mark encourages Amy to run and warn the others.

A helpless Amy stops in her tracks when she sees Matthew start to overpower Mark with the knife inches away from his chest. But, Mark persists that she should run away and Amy reluctantly listens to his demand.

Matthew brutally stabs Mark to death, sacrificing himself to save Amy and dying a true unforeseen hero. 

Viewers took to Twitter to applaud the unpredicted hero and reveal their devastation at his horrific death…

The full series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. 

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