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Want to play ‘Squid Game’? A new venture is offering an experience based on Netflix hit

squid game netflix
Squid Game Live is inspired by the Netflix hit (Image credit: Netflix)

Would you like to play Squid Game? At least, would you like to experience the Squid Game concept without the dying-horribly part?

The opportunity is now being offered to British fans of the record-breaking Netflix hit, in the guise of a competition called Squid Game Live, which is a new concept of competitive challenges at a mystery location in which entrants could win, well, not a life-changing amount of money, but a prize of £500.

The poverty-stricken contestants in the Netflix series are competing for a vast winner-takes-all sum but the price of taking part is that they will all die, apart from the winner.

While Squid Game is horrific and thrilling at the same time, Squid Game Live will be a somewhat less deadly activity, according to Universal Ents creative director Max Fox.

As well, contestants will have to sign mental health disclosures in order to take part in the psychological and physical challenges.

"We want to make sure our experiences are safe, but still as riveting as the games seen on the Netflix smash Squid Game, but due to the violent nature of the hit show, we want to be cautious that the events don’t attract unstable people,” he told LADbible.

“This is a pain-free experience. There will be no paintballs, guns or otherwise, but don’t be afraid of getting wet.

“We want to make the games as realistic as possible, without the risk of injury. Some of our games you won’t have seen before, but there needs to be an element of surprise and mystery so people really don’t know what they're letting themselves in for.”

Adding to the suspense, entrants in Squid Game Live will be picked up by coach from a location in Northwest England, where they will be taken to an unpublicised location to take part in the games, which begin on Nov 27.

Meanwhile, in the US there is a growing mania for recreating the Squid Game world in a variety of enterprises, including restaurants, stores and even the Korean Cultural Center in Chicago, which is promoting an event with six game stations next month.

If you would like to take part in Squid Game Live, sign up to the website here.