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Weird But True - all you need to know about the Disney Plus series

Weird But True host Carly Ciarrocchi
(Image credit: National Geographic/Frank Spital)

Expect lots of fun and strange facts!

Weird But True, which is packed with strange and wonderful facts, is heading to Disney Plus for its third series. It's just one the Disney Plus new shows on the streaming service in August.

The Emmy-Award-winning series, originally on National Geographic, promises that for season three they’ll be going on “even more imaginative and strange adventures". If you're interested in subscribing go to the official website of Disney Plus.

Here’s everything you need to know about Weird But True season three…

Who are the presenters?

Charlie Engelman (Host) about to cut Carly Ciarrocchi's (Host) hair in Weird But True

Cutting it fine! Charlie Engelman about to snip Carly Ciarrocchi's hair - she doesn't look pleased! - in the solar system episode (credit: National Geographic/Kanoa Reid) (Image credit: National Geographic/Kanoa Reid)

Science loving duo Charlie Engelman and Carly Ciarrocchi, who will be aiming to inspire kids to get excited about the world around them. Previously Charlie hosted the series with his sister Kirby. There are also weekly guest appearances from astrophysicist Michio Kaku and Nat Geo Photographers and Explorers like Anand Varma.

How many episodes in season 3 of Weird But True?

Weird But True people on a volcano

The gang sport spacesuits in the solar system episode (credit: National Geographic/Steve Rotfeld Productions) (Image credit: National Geographic/Steve Rotfel)

Thirteen episodes. And they include episodes about dinosaurs, germs, photography, poisonous animals and the solar system. Our intrepid hosts will be seen hunting for dinsoaur fossils, hiking volcanoes and flying planes.

There will also be an element of arts and crafts throughout the series. So there's plenty for everyone to enjoy and you'll discover lots about how the world works!

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Give me a good fact..

Well, apparently there are more stars in the universe, than grains of sand on the whole planet. Bet you didn’t know that! And we’re promised a lot more amazing facts during the series!

When is Weird But True season 3 on Disney Plus?

Weird But True will be streaming on Disney+ from August 14