What to watch Friday, July 17, 2020

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You did it. This week was a particularly long one, but you made it to the finish line! If you're in America, we still can't go out, but that doesn't mean we can't be entertained. Hollywood is still (mostly) shut down, but there's still a decent back-log shows to watch, and a whole host of things to revisit.

Today's list doesn't really have a theme! We're going from Disney sing-alongs to mythos-heavy assassins. We've also got some sports, some video games, and a good old-fashioned Food Network binge to keep you engaged. 

Now, get on those comfy clothes, find your slippers, and crack open your beverage of choice. It's time to be entertained. 

'Sports Center Special: EA Madden Ratings'

So, you like football, eh? Do you also happen to like video games? Because while we may not be getting any NFL games at the moment, we can still watch football players talk about video games. 

Sports Center has put together a special discussing players' Madden ratings with them ahead of the release of Madden21. 

Watch on ESPN2 at 8:00PM EST

'Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along'

It's the middle of summer, it's sweltering hot, there's a global pandemic and your kiddos are antsy. Heck, maybe you're antsy too. There's no wrong age to be a Disney fan! 

Tune into the Disney Channel tonight to join in singing your favorite Disney tunes with special guests, fan favorites, and on-screen lyrics.

Watch on the Disney Channel at 8:10PM EST 

'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Marathon'

I don't know about you, but I've dove way into food shows as a comfort during all of this. Guy Fieri shows aren't a guilty pleasure, they're just a joy. And, as it happens, you can tune into one of his very best tonight for a marathon on the Food Network (or Hulu if you don't feel like commercials). 

Join Fieri and his frosted tips as he travels across America to find the best diners, drive-ins, and dives. I dare you not to order the messiest burger you can while you do.

Watch on the Food Network all evening. 

(Image credit: Food Network)

'My Spy'

"The grumpy one loves the soft one" is the best trope, whether it's being used romantically or platonically. This includes the long list of Muscle Guy Takes Care of Small Child™ movies out there. While our new major motion picture releases are limited, My Spy made it through the quarantine sludge. 

You can stream My Spy on Amazon Prime Video.

'John Wick'

Speaking of the grumpy one loves the soft one: this rule also applies to a man and his dog. As you can imagine about this trope, very bad things come at the hands of the grumpy one when someone hurts the soft one. 

That might be the fluffiest way anyone's ever described John Wick, but I stand by it. This action-packed thrill ride is blood-filled and gorgeous from start to finish. Truly one of the most exceptional action flicks of the modern era. 

Watch on IFC at 6:00PM EST

'Jurassic Park III'

Here's the thing about Jurassic Park III: it is undoubtedly the worst entry into the Jurassic Park (and Jurassic World) franchise. However, that does not change the fact that it features dinosaurs, and is thus automatically better than any non-dino featuring film. It's just science. 

Life will, uh, find a way, to get you to tune into this flick because it's a blast if you just let yourself have fun.

Watch on Syfy at 8:00PM EST

'The Andy Griffith Show'

Can you watch The Andy Griffith Show at any time because it's been in syndication and out on VHS, DVD, blu ray and nineteen other formats for approximately eleventy years? Yes. But why not do it on a Friday evening because it's nice, fun, and heartwarming. 

Besides, the theme song got stuck in your head the second you read the headline anyway. 

Watch on TVLand at 8:00PM EST.

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