What's on for Monday, July 28, 2020

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Happy Tuesday, fearless television watchers! It's time for the newest edition of What's On! Today we've got a host of different flavors for you, with different options available for all TV flavor palettes. Yes, this intro might read this way because there's a cooking show on this list. Guess you'll just have to read it to find out! 

If food isn't your thing (are you ok?) we've still got a range of sports, spookies, and superheroes. Turns out there's still a lot on TV even when we're outside of the primary fall lineup. 

MLB: Yankees vs. Phillies

Major League Baseball continues this week with the New York Yankees vs. the Philadelphia Phillies. It's still super early on in the season, so we don't have a whole lot of stakes just yet, but every win counts! Phillies currently trail the Yankees by one win.

Watch at 4:00PM EST on FS1

Ghost Adventures

"Feel my arm, bro!" Ghost hunting shows have always had a bit of a cult following, and Ghost Adventures seems to lead the pack. Some folks may not care for Zack Baggans' and crew's rock star/antagonistic approach to ghost hunting, but the series continues to do solidly in the ratings. Join Baggans and his gang for a whole new episode tonight. 

Watch at 6:00PM EST on TRAVEL


Join Stargirl and the gang as they fight to protect their city. This week Courtney's life gets more complicated than she bargained for when someone from her past swings through Blue Valley. The team also learns some shocking new information about ISA's plan.

Watch at 7:00PM EST on CW

Shark vs. Whale

Marine biologist Ryan Johnson - different Ryan Johnson, this one did not direct a Star War - discovers some rare whale behavior in this week's episode of Shark vs. Whale. It appears that one of the ocean's gentle giants has been picking fights with great white sharks? Not one hundred percent sure what's going on there, but I've seen Jaws and would like to find out more. 

Watch at 8:03PM EST on NGC

Mysteries of the Deep

There's a new episode of Mysteries of the Deep on tonight. This episode follows Jeremy Wade as he investigates legends of fire-breathing dragons that hunt ships in a deadly stretch of water known as the Devil's Sea. Wade uses cutting edge technology, mixing both science and mythology on his quest to find the truth.

Watch at 8:00PM EST on SCI

World of Dance

Tonight's episode of World of Dance wraps up the "The Duels" round.  Judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, NE-YO and special guest judge dancer and choreographer tWitch will have to collaborate to decide who moves on to next week's semi-final episode. 

Watch at 9:01PM EST on NBC


Thank god Chopped is still on the air. With all of us binging all of the Food Network content that we can in quarantine, things were starting to look dire on the new content front! This week's episode "Quail without Fail" features, you guessed it! Quail. 

Watch at 10:00PM EST on FOOD

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