What's on TV for Tuesday, February 23

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Tonight is the official debut of the CW’s new series Superman and Lois. New sitcoms Young Rock and Kenan are both back with new episodes tonight, and the Pearsons are taking home newborns for the first time tonight on a new episode of This Is Us.

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NBA Basketball

Tonight the Boston Celtics are hitting the court against the Dallas Mavericks in some basketball. Tonight's game is being played from the home of the Mavericks, American Airlines Center.

Watch at 7:30pm EST on TNT

Superman and Lois

Tonight the CW is debuting its new series, Superman and Lois. The show follows the iconic Superhero and his love after years of facing megalomaniacal supervillains, monsters wreaking havoc on Metropolis, and alien invaders intent on wiping out the human race.

Watch the debut at 8pm EST on the CW

Young Sheldon

On Young Sheldon, Sheldon figures out that his mother has been keeping a secret about his future. Meanwhile, his grandmother is angry when she finds out that Dale has fired Sheldon’s brother Georgie.

Watch at 9pm EST on Nickelodeon

Young Rock

NBC is airing a new episode of Young Rock tonight, following the life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson before he was quite so well known. Tonight’s episode kicks off in Pennsylvania in 1987. Dwayne pretends he's rich to impress a popular girl named Karen, but when they go on a date to Rocky's wrestling match at the flea market he risks exposes the truth.

Watch at 8pm EST on NBC


Tonight on a new episode of the new NBC sitcom Kenan, Kenan, Rick and Gary work to uncover what they think is a deep, dark secret Cori was hiding. Meanwhile, Mika believes the morning show should cover more hard news stories.

Watch at 8:30pm EST on NBC

This Is Us

Last week we saw the debut of the brand new “Big 3” on This Is Us. This week, the Pearsons will go on a series of car rides, each one propelling those in the vehicle toward new stages of their lives.

Watch at 9pm EST on NBC

Brian Regan: On The Rocks

Comedian Brian Regan is trying to understand the absurdities around him. In his second Netflix comedy special, Brian Regan: On The Rocks, the legendary comedian confronts his befuddlement with animals, people, dinner parties, Reiki healers, and his recent realization that he has O.C.D. 

Watch anytime on Netflix

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