What's on TV for Tuesday, November 3

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It’s election night! While all eyes will likely be on who our next president will be, there are also a few options out there if you need a little distraction from the election hubbub. Celebrities will show what kind of entertainment they can create in their own homes in a new episode of Celebrity Show-Off, and Felix Lobrecht’s new comedy special Hype arrived on Netflix today. 

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Election Results

The biggest thing on TV tonight is likely to be a live account of where the Presidential and other elections stand for the year. Today is election day across the United States, while the biggest item on the ticket this year is who will be our next president, there are also other important jobs up for grabs tonight including several senate positions and local leadership positions. Coverage for tonight’s election results will be available on pretty much all major networks; however, some of the larger races might not be decided tonight due to delays in the post office delivering completed ballots.

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Celebrity Show-Off

Just like us, most celebrities have been spending the last few months cooped up at home as well. Tonight, Celebrity Show-Off pits those celebrities against each other in a competition to see who can create the most compelling content from their own home. Throughout the competition, celebrities can win cash for the charity of their choice. The longer they’re able to make it in the competition, the more cash they’ll win for their charity.

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Felix Lobrecht: Hype

Felix Lobrecht's comedy special Hype officially arrives on Netflix today. The comedian focuses on "woke" culture during the exclusive special as well as some of the downsides of getting older, when getting older doesn't actually make you feel like an adult.

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Tonight all eyes will be on the election. If you need a little break from all that election news; however, then this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live can be a decent play to take a break, while still staying on topic. John Mulaney hosted Saturday night’s episode with musical guest The Strokes! In the opening sketch, Jim Carrey portraying Joe Biden reads a spooky Halloween story about the election.

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Dawson's Creek

If you really need to take a trip away from the news, you can take a journey back to a simpler time tonight through Dawson's Creek. Netflix added all six seasons of Dawson's Creek this weekend for your binge-watching pleasure. You can kick off your journey to the Creek with episode one, or pick and choose which of your favorite episodes to watch.

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Ricky & Morty

If you're looking for something to watch late-night after those election results have come in, Hulu added all of season 4 of Rick and Morty to its lineup this weekend. The show is one of those programs that can make even the wildest of situations in our world seems sort of normal, at least for 22 minutes.

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