What’s On TV Tonight? Our Pick Of The Best Shows: Thursday 5th October

The Supervet 5th October
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Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Thursday 5th October including The Supervet

Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Thursday 5th October including The Supervet

The Supervet, 8.00pm, C4

The Supervet

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Cats are normally agile creatures, but two-year-old short-haired moggy Charlie has injured his hip jumping off the sofa. Owners Kate and Adam are shocked to learn he needs a hip replacement! Other patients include Buzz the border collie and golden labrador Pebbles, both in surgery with suspicious lumps. As usual, the pets are easy to handle – it’s their worried owners who require vet Noel Fitzpatrick’s calming bedside manner. Rating: ****

Russia with Simon Reeve, 9.00pm,BBC2

Russia with Simon Reeve

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Simon’s epic journey continues as he watches a 40,000-strong march remembering the millions who died in World War Two. Known as the march of the immortal regiment, it takes place across Russia as a celebration of its mighty military history. Simon then hops back on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Krasnoyarsk, an industrial Siberian city with a brutal past. In complete contrast his next stop is a religious cult in the mountains where he meets the self-anointed reincarnation of Jesus. His journey ends in Dagestan, a dangerous but beautiful republic where the war against terrorism and a traditional and ancient culture sit side by side. A fascinating insight into this hugely diverse country. Rating: ****

Big Family Cooking Showdown, 8.00pm, BBC2

ig Family Cooking Showdown

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Make sure you’ve eaten before settling down in front of the eighth episode of Showdown. Because the Boyes family have decided to go Indian for the opening Ten Pound Challenge, with a chicken curry, naans, pilau rice and their own signature ‘Boyesie bhajis’. As for rivals the Rignalls, they’ve gone Indian, too. And with a bit of the sub-continent in their ethnic make-up, surely their chicken tikka masala, dhal, spinach bhaji and raita will clean up? After that we visit the Boyeses and Rignalls at home before the Impress the Neighbours finale, and one of the teams has decided to have a go at making black pudding from scratch. Crazy? Or inspired? Rating: ****

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