‘Casualty’ spoilers: Dylan Keogh’s devastating mistake

Dylan Keogh in series mode at Paula's critical meeting with social services.
Dylan Keogh exhibits grim determination at Paula's meeting with social services. (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan Keogh jumps to conclusions this week that may result in a patient losing custody of her unborn baby.

In Casualty episode ‘She’s My Baby’ (BBC1, 9.30pm, Saturday, Jan. 15 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings) Dylan Keogh vows to help Paula Kettering fight to keep her baby. 

Elsewhere, new junior doctor Paige Allcott starts her first official shift at the ED under a cloud of mortification!

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Dylan Keogh’s terrible error

Dylan Keogh (William Beck) isn’t known for apologising. But when the ED clinical lead makes a terrible error in judgement this week, he not only owns up to his mistake and begs forgiveness, he is also determined to put it right.

The fraught and emotional storyline kicks off when pregnant Paula Kettering (returning guest star Rosie Jones) falls from her unsafe balcony. Treating badly injured Paula at the scene Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) jumps to the conclusion that it’s a suicide bid and reveals her suspicions to Dylan. 

Jan Jenning tells Dylan Keogh her suspicions at the ED.

Suspicious minds. Jan Jenning tells Dylan Keogh about Paula at the ED. (Image credit: BBC)

Call of duty

Dylan immediately calls the mental health crisis team. Meanwhile, Paula is keen to be discharged, despite her injuries, as she has a meeting with social services to determine if she can keep her baby! 

When Dylan explains that the crisis team is coming to the ED to assess her, she’s understandably furious! Paula reveals how she’s given up alcohol and stopped taking her medication in order to give her unborn baby the best start in life. 

Shocked Paula is devastated that Dylan has called the crisis team...

Shocked Paula is devastated that Dylan has called the crisis team. (Image credit: BBC)

Emotional showdown

Forced to reassess his damning verdict, Dylan vows to help Paula fight to keep her baby. He opens up to her about his life in the care system and offers to accompany Paul to her social worker meeting. 

Paula trusts Dylan’s sincerity and accepts his help. He makes an impassioned plea for her at the life-changing meeting. But has the damage already been done?

Rosie and Dylan at the life-changing meeting. Will there be a happy outcome?

The good fight. Rosie and Dylan plead their case. But have they done enough? (Image credit: BBC)

Paige’s first shift

Junior doctor Paige Allcott is the hot topic of gossip as she starts her first official shift at the ED. And it looks like there’s no escaping last week’s introduction, as mentor Stevie Nash nicknames her ‘Handcuffs!’ 

Paige (Alex Rider star Shalisha James-Davis) is a bundle of nerves when she enters the ED and overhears nurse Marty Kirkby gossiping about her. Things go downhill from there, as tough, no-nonsense doctor Stevie (Elinor Lawless) is abrasive and unsympathetic.

Desperate to impress Stevie, Paige is overly friendly towards heavily pregnant patient Alison (guest star Lisa Maxwell, who starred in The Bill and Hollyoaks). Yet Stevie can’t hide her impatience with the talkative young medic!

Alison, 60, has been admitted with a fractured ankle after falling over during an exercise class for expectant mums. Stevie diagnoses pregnancy-related osteoporosis. Alison may need a C-section when her baby’s due to avoid serious complications - to the dismay of the mum-to-be and her daughter Jasmine… 

When it turns out that Alison is acting as a surrogate for Jasmine (EastEnders’ Madelyn Smedley) Paige proves to be understanding and non-judgemental. But later, due to her inexperience, she fails to realise Alison has gone into labour and rushes off to sort out a medication mixup with another patient!

By the time Stevie realises what’s happened, it’s too late for a C-section and the senior doctor must deliver the baby single-handedly. With Alison and her unborn baby’s life on the line, is Paige completely out of her depth? 

Paige faces her first shift at the ED.

The Paigemaster. New Casualty character Paige is a breath of fresh air, but she must prove herself to Stevie. (Image credit: BBC)

Also in 'Casualty' this week

Stevie quizzes Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) on her love life. What will she reveal?

Social worker Adi Kapadia (Raj Bajaj) is feeling the stress of his difficult job and opens up to Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi). Are they becoming closer?

And kindly Rosa Hide (Jacey Salles) helps make Paige feel part of the team.

Marty has his head turned by Adi... Could this be love?

Marty has his head turned by Adi... Could this be love? (Image credit: BBC)

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, January 15 2022 at 9.30pm on BBC1. It will be available on BBC iPlayer afterwards. 

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