Casualty spoilers: Ethan Hardy goes on a date and Fenisha returns in double-bill!

Ethan Hardy and Fenisha in Casualty week 18
Ethan Hardy goes on a first date - is it too soon? (Image credit: BBC)

Ethan Hardy goes on a first date — is it too soon? Before that, however, Iain Dean, ups the ante in Saturday's Casualty double-bill!

Iain Dean embarks on a life or death mission in Casualty episode Road to Nowhere (BBC1, 8.40pm, Saturday 30 April 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings). Meanwhile, grieving Ethan Hardy goes on an eventful date in Casualty episode First Date (BBC1, 9.20PM, Saturday 30 April 2022). Keep an eye out for a special guest return of Olivia D’Lima as Fenisha Khatri!

Full Casualty spoilers for both episodes are below…

Iain Dean turns spy

Iain Dean is fast becoming Holby’s answer to James Bond, and we’re here for it. 

Following his promise to modern slave victim Keidi (The Capture star Florian Rafuna), Iain is desperately continuing his search for Keidi’s sister Elvira, who has no idea her brother has tragically passed away. 

Casualty week 18

Iain Dean turns spy this week.  (Image credit: BBC)

This week the plucky paramedic calls in sick so he can spy on the sinister goings on at Abbeycroft Farm, where he suspects that Elvira was being held prisoner at some point. 

At the remote farm Iain (Michael Stevenson) overhears Pat (Hollyoaks star Nathan Sussex) discussing new arrivals and interprets that to mean more trafficking victims are on the way. 

Casualty week 18

Iain phones Ffion and tells her about the trafficking victims. (Image credit: BBC)

Iain phones Ffion Morgan (Stirling Gallacher) and tells her everything, but is deeply disappointed when she explains that the police can’t investigate without evidence. And, unfortunately for Iain, Ffion is with her wife Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) when he makes the call… Naturally, as Iain’s boss and friend, Jan is fuming that he’s pulling a sickie and putting his life in danger!

Meanwhile, at the farm, Iain has bigger problems. Pat catches him trespassing and sets his dog on him! 

Iain and Pat get into a violent fight and, during the tussle, Iain manages to pocket Pat’s phone! As he chases Iain to get it back, Pat is hit by a passing truck. With the situation escalating, Iain calls the police and paramedics (Holby being a small world, Ffion and Jan attend the shout) and both men are admitted to the ED. 

There, Ffion reveals that Iain’s in a whole heap of trouble - trespassing, stealing, and facing a restraining order - but unrepentant Iain’s not done yet…

Casualty week 18

Jan isn't happy with Iain.  (Image credit: BBC)

As soon as he gets a quiet moment, Iain puts Pat’s sim card in his phone and learns more about the awful slave trade at the farm.

Meanwhile, a truckload of terrified victims has been left in a container at Abbeycroft… One woman, Sara (Kristi Bardi), goes into labour, while another, Megi (Rosella Doda), is having difficulty breathing. They scream for help, but no one is there to hear them.

The first chance he gets, Iain, drives back to the farm. Will he find the trapped women in time and get everyone - including himself - out unscathed? 

Also in Casualty episode Road to Nowhere…

David Hide and Robyn Miller host careers talks for local teenagers at the ED. 

David (Jason Durr) is oblivious when some of the teens in his group mock him for his appearance and down-with-the-kids presentation. 

Unfortunately David’s son Ollie (returning star Harry Collett) is acutely aware that his dad is the butt of his classmates’ cruel jokes and soon finds himself being targeted too. 

However, Ollie’s attempts to placate main bullies Dan (Waterloo Road’s Adam Abbou) and Louise (Jennifer Brown) backfire spectacularly. Without giving too much away, Ollie finds himself in need of medical attention, berated by his father, and going viral… 

Elsewhere, Jan worries about Iain’s dangerous obsession with finding Elvira… 

Casualty week 18

Ollie soon finds himself in need of medical attention. (Image credit: BBC)

See below for the spoilers to Casualty’s second episode in this week’s double bill.

Casualty spoilers First Date

In Saturday’s second Casualty episode Ethan Hardy goes on his first date since fiancée Fenisha Khatri’s untimely death. 

Ethan (George Rainsford) arranges to meet with police officer Amy (Doctor Who star Catrin Stewart) at a local restaurant - but just how did this come about? 

All will be revealed in three-interweaving timeframes - one from nine months earlier, one from two weeks previously, and the present-day date night.

Over drinks Ethan (George Rainsford) recounts a story about teenage patient, Harry (Jahmai Jeremie), who he connected with nine months earlier. 

Casualty week 18

Ethan goes on a date with Amy.  (Image credit: BBC)

There’s also an emotive flashback story involving Ethan and Fenisha, with Olivia D’Lima, who plays her, making a special guest return! 

Set in the time between their engagement and wedding day, when Fenisha was killed, it explores a happy time in the couple’s relationship. There’s also a cute dog, just to add to the feels!

Casualty week 18

Fenisha makes a special guest return!  (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, we learn how Ethan met Amy two weeks earlier, when she desperately wanted to arrest Lee, a patient Ethan was treating in the ED. From the off, they butted heads but romantic sparks began to fly when they teamed up after Lee (The Split’s Damian Lynch) absconded and made his way into the hospital vents!

Their dinner is no less eventful, between the arrival of Jan Jenning and Ffion Morgan to the same restaurant and a rude interruption by some angry randomer Amy dated a couple of times! However, throughout the evening, Amy and Ethan (A&E… is it meant to be?) can't help but connect. But is it too soon for grieving Ethan?

Casualty week 18

Amy and Ethan met while at work.  (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty episode First Date

Jan has an emotional reaction to seeing Ethan on a date with Amy, as Fenisha and Lev’s deaths continue to haunt her. Meanwhile, Ffion reassures Amy that Ethan is nothing like her ex-husband. What does she mean?

This Casualty double-bill airs on Saturday, April 30 2022 from 8.40pm on BBC1. Both episodes are available on iPlayer after transmission. 

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